Practical Ways to Overcome a Fear of Driving

A fear of driving is more common than you think. Many people can experience terrible situations that might cause them to fear driving (such as an accident) or they might have bad experiences from when they were a passenger in a vehicle. A phobia of driving can be overcome, but it does require a lot of mental power and utilizing confidence-boosting techniques.

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Use short and positive affirmations

Affirmations are like little boosts of motivation to help you calm your nerves. Things such as “Everyone drives, it’s a normal thing.” or “I don’t have to drive fast, I’m not in the fast lane.” can give you a slight boost to help you focus on driving and less on your fears. The affirmations you come up with will depend on your personal situation and your fears, so this can take some time to develop.

Realize that help is always available

There’s always help available to you no matter what you need. Whether it’s an injury lawyer such as to help you overcome the aftermath of an accident or a defensive driving instructor to teach you more ways to stay safe on the road, there is always someone available to help you overcome your fear of driving. You just need to look for the right help instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Create a calm driving experience

Driving doesn’t need to be a hectic mess. Driving can be calm, relaxing and a lot of fun, but the key is to create a relaxed and calm driving experience that you can indulge in. This means putting some relaxing music on as you drive, setting the seat correctly so that you’re comfortable and asking your passengers to be a little quieter. Keep your surroundings clear too; don’t leave trash lying around and give your car a wash so that it smells nice and looks new.

Get plenty of driving practice

Practice absolutely makes perfect and your driving is no different. Make sure you practice driving on a regular basis so that you get accustomed to all of the hand motions, the shifting and the foot movements. If you’re not driving on a regular basis then you’ll never build the confidence needed to be comfortable on the road, so try and make it a habit to drive as often as possible.

Analyze your threats

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you always have to be on the lookout for threats. This is something that you learn through defensive driving. You always have to pay attention to your surroundings and look for potential dangers. With enough experience, you can identify these dangers before they even become a threat, but this takes a lot of practice.

Hopefully, these five points have given you some insight into how you can overcome your fear of driving. It’s certainly not easy to be confident with driving, but it does require action that only you can take.

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