Revealed: The Biggest Threats You’ll Face When Driving

We’ve spoken at great length about the importance of driving safely when you’re in control of a car. Generally speaking, if you’re a safe driver that always watches the roads, and pays attention to all the signs and road laws, then you’ll avoid loads of bad situations. Saying that there are still loads of different things on the roads that are out of your control. These are by far and away the biggest threats to your safety. What threats am I talking about? You’ll find out in just a few seconds…

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Wet/Icy Conditions

The weather plays a huge role in your safety on the roads. Ideally, we’d love to drive around in dry conditions all the time. A dry road is a safe road, offering ample tire grip, and giving us 100% control of our car. But, when the road is very wet – or worse, icy – it makes life harder behind the wheel. Tires have less grip, we have less control, and accidents can happen.

If you’re not careful, you can end up in a heap of trouble on a wet/icy road. There are two things you can do here. Firstly, lower your speed and take things slow. It’s easier to maintain control when you’re driving at a lower speed. Secondly, think about changing your tires to ones that a more suitable for the conditions, particularly in ice.

Other Drivers

For me, this is the most frustrating thing about driving. No matter how careful you are, and how hard you try to be a safe driver, you can’t account for everyone else on the road with you. As it mentions on, most accidents are caused by negligent driving that wasn’t your fault. This means you could be doing everything by the book, having a nice safe drive, and then from out of nowhere another car comes, and rear ends you.

It’s tough to come up with ways in which you can handle this as it’s mainly out of your control. You can’t get other people to drive sensibly, so your best bet is to focus on your own driving. Again, just be more aware of what’s around you or in front of you. At the very least, this might help you slam the brakes on and avoid an accident when a driver recklessly pulls out in front of you or something.

Debris On The Roads

Last but not least, there could be debris on the roads getting in your way and causing incidents. This could be a fallen tree, a box, a shopping cart; anything. When something is on the road that you don’t expect to be there, it can force you to slam on the brakes or swerve quickly out the way.

The best way to deal with this is to revert back to a previous article I wrote about diligent driving. In it, I mentioned the importance of always watching the road and monitoring your speed. Combine these two things, and you’ll see debris before it sneaks up on you, and be driving slow enough to deal with it.

My whole purpose of this article is to show you a few of the threats on the roads that aren’t in your control. By knowing this, you should be better placed to deal with them.

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