Dealing With The Ticking Alzheimer’s Bomb

It’s never easy when a loved one receives an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. While the disease doesn’t receive as much recognition as it deserves, few other diagnoses can tear a family apart like this.

But, as with any illness, it’s essential to tackle the issue head-on. The chances are that, by the time a medical confirmation is reached, the condition is relatively severe. It may start with small moments of forgetfulness. But, most don’t receive a conclusive diagnosis until things have gone far past that point.

Hopefully, though, your loved one is still lucid enough to express their wishes. Hence, you can ensure you’re giving them the best care, and deal with things the way they want you to. While it will be a difficult time, the aftermath of the diagnosis is crucial. The chances are that you don’t have a great deal of time until things get worse. So, you should consider the following as soon as you can.

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Covering the costs

Sadly, with an illness like this, you need to be practical. So, the first thing you and your loved one should discuss is how you plan to deal with the costs. For the most part, this involves long-term care and even nursing homes down the line. There will inevitably come a stage when it’s no longer feasible for them to live at home. And, by that stage, they won’t be in a position to make sound financial decisions. So, you need to talk about it straight away and learn as much as you can, while you can.

First, ask about medical insurance. If they’re on a specialized plan, find out if it would cover the costs needed. But, if they’re on a standard medicare plan, you may need to look at the supplements like those mentioned by this company here. A standard plan generally only covers some of the doctor’s bills and 100 days of care. Look out for a plan which offers a more long-term solution.

Making difficult decisions

And, of course, that isn’t the only complicated issue. As morbid as it sounds, it’s also worth tackling topics such as power of attorney. This ensures that, when your loved one is no longer able, you, or whoever they choose, can take control of their estate and finances. To ensure that the selected individual sticks to their wishes, encourage them to make a will. Make sure, also, to talk about their desires so that you’re all on the same page.

Spend time together

Technical stuff aside, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is a time bomb. As it stands, there’s no escaping the explosion. So, it’s also crucial you have fun with the person in question, and make the most of the lucid time they have left. You don’t want to look back at these meetings and wish you had done more. Take them for days out, and encourage them to do things they love. Life is too short, and a diagnosis like this should prove as a stark reminder of that.

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