Strong On The Outside But Crumbling Inside: Dealing With Your Demons

You can’t remember the last time you woke up, looked at yourself in the mirror and liked what stood before you. You see a drawn, unhealthy, sad specimen in front of you and you’ve lost track of how you got to this point. Everyone has their bad days, but you’re battling something much deeper. You’re an addict and you don’t know how to escape from the tiny person inside your mind which makes you carry out these harmful habits. Addiction is not easy to fight and it can be a contributing factor to depression and mental illness. Once you have dug yourself into a deep, dark hole it can take a while to climb out. Please don’t punish yourself as you are not alone. Start by addressing your problem and take the initial steps towards recovery.

Start Small

When you are an addict, attempting to recover even the smallest things can seem like the biggest mountain. Set yourself small and achievable goals each day that will help you get up and running. It may be that you struggle getting out of bed in a morning. Why not challenge yourself with the task of getting up and taking a shower? Reward yourself and be proud when you achieve each step and try not to turn to the crutch of the substance that you often rely on so heavily. When you have tackled your smallest battles you can start to aim a little higher. Take a walk in the fresh air with a friend or call up a family member that you have neglected recently. You will find that these little changes will help you on your path to rehabilitation.


Talk, Talk and Talk Some More

Keeping your feelings and problems locked up tight in a box inside your body will not be beneficial to your health or wellbeing. Find someone you trust and approach them for a chat. It might be someone who you live with or maybe a professional councillor who can hear you out. It is true when they say a problem shared is a problem halved, so speak up and don’t be afraid to put your feelings out there. People will be willing to listen and help will soon follow suit.

Find The Help You Need

Once you have spoken to someone about your addiction you will be on the path to recovery, Remember to take every piece of advice you’re given even if it seems like a tricky thing to tackle. You may need to go to one of the many successful detox centers in your area. There will be people on hand here which specialise in helping addicts to recover. This is one of the bravest things you can do, so if you find yourself checking in, you have already overcome a huge hurdle.

Someone is always on your side, no matter what the demons inside your body are telling you. Try to tune them out and get on board with the people that truly care about you. Everyone wants to see you thrive and you deserve to live the happiest and healthiest life you can. You only get one life, so take the chance to regain it while you can.

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