Balancing The Work/Life Scales

Most of us know about the importance of work/life balance. But, in the modern age of online business and smartphones, many of us are moving further away from the possibility. Instead, we hook our email accounts to our phones and open them as soon as we receive correspondence. We head online to check business social media and such. Before we know it, work eats into our free time.

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And, of course, this works both ways. Some people have taken the work/life balance to the extreme, and their work has suffered because of it. If you let your personal life into the office, it can’t be any surprise when your concentration isn’t as good as you’d like.

If you think you’ve fallen foul to either of these traps, it’s time to rebalance those scales. And, here are a few simple ways to do it.

Separate accounts for everything

In an age where many of us are responsible for our earnings, it’s increasingly tempting to merge accounts. Freelancers or business owners may decide to use their personal email for work. And, the same can be said for phones. Only having one is much more straightforward, after all.

But, these choices can prove catastrophic to that all important balance. After all, you won’t be able to log onto your email of an evening without dealing with business correspondence. And, when you take your phone along for business calls, a few personal ones are sure to slip through.

So, think twice before attaching your business email to your old Hotmail account. Instead, look into the separate business accounts offered by packages like Microsoft 365 Business. And, stock up on a phone just for business. You don’t have to go all out with this, as you’ll only be using it for necessary research and calls.

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Don’t take work home

If you’re in the habit of taking work home, stop. You may think it’ll only take a second to update the business Twitter page, but that’s rarely the case. The chances are that you’ll spend hours replying to customer comments. Instead, leave your business laptop at work. Try, too, not to memorize passwords. This way, there’s no chance of logging on at home. As such, you’ll be able to sit back and relax. If you never give yourself this downtime, you could easily damage your health, or burn yourself out. Then, you wouldn’t be able to work at all!

No personal correspondence through the day

And, remember, this works both ways. Don’t log onto your personal email account during the day. Doing so will only take your head out of the game, and leave you behind. And, when we’re behind, we’re more likely to slip into taking work home with us! For the same reasons, you should always avoid taking your personal phone to your desk with you. Leave it in your coat pocket if you want, or leave it at home. If you have your work phone to hand, going without shouldn’t be a problem.

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