5 Car Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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Maintaining your car correctly costs money, but failing to maintain it can cost even more. Here are five mistakes to avoid to keep you spending less on your vehicle.

Forgetting to check fluids

Cars have all kinds of fluids under their bonnet nowadays. Some modern cars have warning lights to tell us when these fluids are low, whilst others rely on us checking them manually. Make sure that you are keeping all these fluids topped up – if they run dry it could cause extra damage to parts. These fluids include oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, engine coolant and power steering fluid.

Letting tires go flat

Underinflated tires won’t just cause the rubber to wear – it could have a knock on effect on other parts of your car. Your vehicle is likely to use up more fuel when driving on underinflated tires and braking is likely to be less effective. One underinflated tire meanwhile could put the whole car out of balance, causing steering to pull and possibly affecting the camber. The moment you think those tires are looking spongy, it’s worth getting some air in them. Just don’t overinflate them, because this can be just as bad.

Ignoring warning lights

Warning lights appear for a reason, yet it’s surprising how many people ignore them. You should always consult your vehicle manual or take your car into a car repair centre to diagnose what the problem is. Fixing it early could prevent catastrophic damage later down the line. Occasionally electrics will play up and tell you there’s something wrong when there isn’t – be careful when this happens as a faulty light could stop you from actually knowing when a real problem arises.

Cheaping it out on repairs

There are lots of ways to go cheap on repairs from going DIY to ordering partially worn parts. Some people may even shop around for the cheapest repair centre, only to settle with a dodgy mechanic making up for a bad reputation with low costs. Whilst you make think you’re saving money this way, you could in fact be creating new faults later down the line. There are times when paying extra for specialist treatment can be of benefit such as finding a European auto repair service for a European car. Above all, read reviews and testimonials so that you know the type of service you’re getting.  

Not considering seasonal maintenance

Different seasons may bring different types of maintenance. The most obvious is winter in which a car battery can die if the engine is not regularly started up. You may even benefit from switching up your tires for winter tires during this season. In the summer, you may want to keep a keen eye on engine coolant levels as well checking that the air conditioning is working properly. 

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