4 Safety Features To Stop You Arriving 10 Minutes To The Pearly Gates

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Every manufacturer that has entered the race for autonomous vehicles knows there is only one endgame that holds any real weight, and that is safety. Societies, governments, trade unions, researchers, rule makers and just about everyone that has a brain cell knows that driverless cars will not be granted a place on our roads until total safety can be guaranteed, and it is this search for all things safety that has seen some of the most incredible crash avoidance technology become standard in most modern cars.

So, while a future of self-driving cars may still be some way off, a future whereby the roads are safer than ever before is here, and these are technologies that are leading the way:

Blind Spot Detection

To give it to you in Layman’s Terms, the blind spot detection system simply makes you aware of a car lurking about in your blind spot, usually with a blinking light located on your side mirror. The more recent blind spot detections systems will issue an audio alert, as well as apply the brakes on that side to prevent a lane change. Some even detect pedestrians and cyclists, which is great for city driving.

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Lane Keeping Assist

According to a car accident lawyer we spoke to, while tiredness, distracted driving, and reckless driving are among the three main causes of a collision, it is while changing lanes that these collisions occur. That is where lane changing assist technology comes into play because it prevents you from wandering into someone else’s lane for whatever reason. The way it works is through a camera-based system that detects the lines to keep you central. If it notices you steer or veer to one side, it will gently counter you and put you back in the middle.

Rearview Camera

In the same way we can’t remember how on earth we survived without smartphones, we’re not sure how we ever managed without rearview cameras either. Because they are now so standard in modern cars, you may have forgotten their importance, but they have had a significant impact on safety and damage. You simply put your car into reverse and a camera flicks on the dash, helping you see exactly what – or who – is behind you so you may react accordingly. They are immensely handy, but they are also immensely important.

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Windscreen Displays

The fact car displays have been located within the dashboard for so long does not nullify the fact they can distract. You are having to take your eyes off the road in order to check your speed or glance at your navigation system. This is annoying, but it is also dangerous. That is where heads-up displays come in, solving this problem by projecting everything onto the windscreen, from speed to directions, so that you never have to peel your eyes away from what’s ahead. People think that distracted driving means driving while using your phone or telling your kids to stop arguing in the back, but it is any kind of distraction, including looking at your Sat Nav.

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