The Challenges For A Small Business In The Catering And Hospitality Sector

Getting started in a new business is never easy, but it can certainly be exciting. It brings a lot of freedom when it comes to making all the decisions. And you know your success depends only on you. Best of all, you’re in the top position from day one! But there are many challenges and obstacles that all businesses need to face. If you’re hoping to get started in catering and hospitality, you may have even more to worry about:


The first challenge you have to overcome is the red tape for licensing and permissions. The premises from which you operate must be fit for purpose and approved for the work you’re doing. You may also need to be personally licensed to sell food and beverages. It’s important you keep in contact with your local authority representative to ensure you have everything in place before you start trading. And yes, there will be costs involved here.

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Setting up a commercial kitchen or bar is another challenge new business owners face. Big brands like Beverage Air manufacture most of what you might need to get started. Find an equipment supplier that knows how to help you figure out what your kitchen needs. You might want beverage fridges on the shop floor for customers too. In some places, your equipment will need to be checked for safety every few years. Find out what you need to know before placing your order.

Health, Safety & Hygiene

Health, safety and hygiene are the most important things you need to consider. In fact, you should be thinking about them every hour of the day! Not only does the health and well-being of your customers become your responsibility but so does the safety of your staff. They must be trained and sometimes certified to use certain pieces of equipment. You’ll need to provide all the facilities customers need to be comfortable while on your premises.

Can’t Cook and Serve!

Whether you’re opening a small sandwich kiosk, or you’re about to launch a hotel, you can’t be in two places at once! You either handle the food, or you handle the money. This means you need at least one other member of staff with you at all times during opening hours. You might hire someone casually, but you might get more loyalty, commitment and performance out of a payroll employee. Consider the training required as well as the ongoing appraisals. Don’t forget – they will need vacations too!

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The Personal Touch

Hospitality thrives with a personality in charge. Get to know your customers and make sure they have opportunities to get to know you. People like to feel special when they’re eating and drinking in your establishment. After all, repeat business or loyal customers are easier to acquire than new ones every single day. Offer rewards schemes, and don’t forget the personal touch!

No business is guaranteed success. It takes hard work, astute marketing skills, and a friendly personality to make in the hospitality sector. So what are you waiting for?

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