Don’t Let Summer Make Your House Feel The Heat

In an ideal world, our summers would consist of little beyond long evenings of BBQs and relaxing outside with our friends and family. For the most part, we’re able to do that. However, it being summer doesn’t mean we have a free pass to neglect our other duties. While our homes are under less of a strain than they are during winter, hot and stormy summers can still have a negative impact on certain aspects of our humble abode. With summer coming up quicker than we realise, here’s a useful guide to making sure your chilled vibes aren’t interrupted by a housing disaster.


Electrical Crisis


Your house is so much more than just four walls and a roof. It’s what’s inside the house that matters, and specifically your electrical items, which are probably a pretty big deal when it comes to your home running smoothly! Unfortunately, during the hot summer months we can sometimes ask a little too much of our electrics, putting them under a pressure than that can’t always handle. Your fridge will begin to falter should the temperatures exceed what they can handle, so if the thermometer is inching north make sure you have a cooling system in place. Also, make sure that you’re keeping on top of the maintenance of your air conditioning units – if you look after it it’ll keep you cool all summer.


Storm’s a Comin’


The hot weather is nice, but there are few things better than an epic summer thunderstorm to let you know that you’re really subject to the elements. While it can be nice to watch a storm rolling along from afar, if they’re overhead then you run the risk of having your home damaged. Our roofs are in particularly danger of suffering during a storm, especially as they can act like magnets for the lightning! While you can’t prepare for a storm, you can repair the damage by getting in touch with a company like Texas Star Roofing. Also, don’t forget to make sure you’re somewhere safe inside your home when the storm hits!


Pipe Concerns


Most people think that their pipes are only at risk during winter. While winter poses a bigger threat, your pipes aren’t completely safe during summer, especially the parts of the system that are on the outside. This is because things like heat and UV light can cause pipes to become weaker – and thus more prone to breaking. Also, the same thunderstorm that affects your room can also affect your pipes. Get a pipe expert in before summer if you’re concerned about how your pipes will cope during the summer months.


Gone Fishin’

The biggest summer threat to our home is actually…ourselves; or more specifically, when we’re not there! If you’re going away during the summer for an extended vacation, make sure you have the security systems in place so that any would be burglars don’t target your home. Take the proper precautions and your home will be in the same state when you return as when you left.

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