A Resume That’s All Killer No Filler

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Applying for jobs is a real test of your temperament. All those different job sites, and filters, and all that scrolling and reading and scrutinizing and hoping. It is can be a long and arduous process, especially for a Millennial that doesn’t just want to land in any job, but rather the job. But the hunt is only part of it; snaring a potential employer is where the real battle starts, which is where your resume comes in.


Your resume is your chance to intrigue an employer just enough to land yourself an interview, and we use the word intrigue very consciously. Your resume is going to be one of many, all printed black on white, all on A4 paper, all arriving around the same time. That is why you need to make it stand out from the crowd, and here is how:


Tailor Your Resume To The Job

When a hiring manager advertises a role they are doing so with an idea of what sort of candidate they want; skills, qualifications, personality, and experience. They want to know that the candidates they attract will be the right candidates for the job, which is why your resume should mirror what is said in the description. You need to tick boxes; out of the sea of mundane, you need to be that one that meets the requirements. If you are applying for a manager’s role at a manufacturing plant and have had injection molding training, then make a point of this early on. If, however, your recent experience has nothing of value, then get creative and tweak the angle of which you write; find that bridge.


Don’t Focus On Responsibilities

The thing with focussing on your responsibilities is that you end up telling your potential employer that you did what you were supposed to do, which isn’t actually going to impress them. Let’s say you worked for Deliveroo and you stated that you delivered food. Brilliant. But that was your role. What you need to show are your achievements, what made you the best at your job. So find some achievements that can take you from being a delivery rider to a superstar, find some ways that will clearly show how you excelled, that’s how to do it.


Cold Hard Facts, Nothing Else

If you’re wishy-washy with your resume and relying on fancy words to dress up your past experiences, your accomplishments and your qualifications then you’ll be placed into the ‘no’ pile then you can say, ‘I just need one chance’. So hit them with cold hard facts, figures if you can. If you were a cold caller then tell them how many calls you made a day and what your success rate was. If you were a salesperson then hit them with figures about your monthly sales. What size was the budget you managed, how much money did you save the company through your methods, why were you picked to meet with clients face to face? All of these things will make a potential employer intrigued by you. Not only that, it will also give your hiring manager a much clearer idea of what your skills and efforts.

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