When Tech Attacks! Is Your Home at Risk?



The technological revolutions many of us are seeing in our home lives, or have seen over the past decade, have brought about a lot of benefits. But there are also a number of disadvantages. Your home safety may actually be at more risk than you think when you have a home with a lot of tech in it. We’re going to take a look at the most prominent risks in home tech and what precisely you can do about it.




The average home has more electricity running through it than ever. With strong technology cheaper and more accessible ever, many of our homes have several computers, at least one television, some games consoles, several smartphones… if you have all of these plugged in frequently, then you risk overloading your system. Of course, most homes have very sturdy electrical infrastructures. But you need to think of individual outlets, as well as the extension methods you’re using. Most people use very cheap multi-outlet solutions, as opposed to paying about $10 or so for a surge-protected one. If you’ve got a lot of electrics in your home, invest in good outlet solutions – or you risk overloading and causing fires.


Wires everywhere


Even in our supposedly wireless age, we’re still, well, using an awful lot of wires. These present a problem because they pose a fire risk if they get worn out or if you have way too many bundled together in the same location (which is something a lot of people do in modern homes), but also because they’re a tripping hazard. Where you can, you should look into wireless solutions for things. Even something as simple as finding the best wireless keyboard and mouse can help reduce the wire count to an important degree. Other peripheral items such as speakers are also becoming wireless, and even some PC monitors.



Data breaches


You may have heard of ‘smart homes’. Not all of us have what some would call smart homes, but many of us certainly have items that are making our properties lean in that direction. The Internet of Things gives us more use for data than ever – but it also provides a lot of entry points for cybercriminals. If they can access your WiFi – and this is much easier than you may think – then they may be able to access personal information such as payment details or even medical information, should you have those on your computers. Make sure your home is properly protected against external cyber threats.


Heavy objects


A lot of us have pretty big televisions now. It used to be that only very rich people have televisions that were sized beyond the 28-inch mark, but these days more people have televisions in the 40-inch region – precisely because they’ve become more affordable than ever. It’s worth remembering, of course, that these present safety risks because they’re so darn big. If you have small children or pets on your property, then you really need to give this some very careful though. Making sure such items are properly affixed to their surfaces, and that those surfaces are themselves properly affixed to the wall or floor, is an absolute must.

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