That Forever House: Can You Build Your Dream Home Or Will It Be A Nightmare?


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Does the perfect, forever home exist?


Okay, it may be an unfair question, especially as the concept of a forever home was first developed in reference to rescue pets. And the answer to the above question, for humans, is probably “yes.” Extremely wealthy people can afford to move to any location, get a bespoke mansion built and move their family in around them.


Short of discovering an unknown talent for commodity trading, you may never know that level of wealth. So is it time to give up on having the home that is perfect for you? Is it time to settle for the closest thing the market and your budget can offer?


Well, not necessarily. What you do need to be sure of is that you are ready to put the work in to make it happen. You may need to commit yourself to a long-term project. But yes, you can make that forever home a reality, if you’re prepared to get to work on it.


Build Or Renovate?


Building your home from scratch is a massive undertaking, but if you do plenty of research and know who to hire, it can save you money. Buying the exact home you want means finding a perfect home that the inhabitant is willing to sell – not exactly a buyer’s market. But planning a new build could work for you.


You need to know exactly what you want, first. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Where do you want to build it? Can you get the land and is it fit for building on? How much of the work can you do yourself?


If all of these questions sound like too much of a headache, can you take the existing shell of a home and remodel it to be your dream home? To achieve this, often the best start point is to renovate a “fixer upper.”


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Having bought for a bargain-basement price, you then pour your budget into making it like new. Because it needs so much work, it is essentially a blank canvas. Unlike a new build, though, you at least have a canvas.


Can You Do It On Your Own?


Probably not. Unless you’re a skilled carpenter, plumber, electrician, architect, painter and decorator and realtor. If you’re all of those, then you probably have the money to buy your dream home.


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You should check out how much you can do by yourself, though. Experiment with the tools for cutting and building the frame of a room – but do so before you decide to go ahead with the project. Be aware of what you can do and what you cannot.


So many people have taken on a new build project by themselves and ended up with something so flawed that they need to start from scratch. On top of that, they then need to pay the experts. Which may not be beyond your budget, but you ideally want to hire the right people before you’ve spent a lot trying to do it yourself.


So, Should You Give It A Go?


The key to building your dream home, or renovating to achieve it, is realism. Blindly plowing ahead with a scheme and hoping enthusiasm will carry you there will end in tears. Learn what you can do yourself. Find the right people to do what you cannot. And most importantly of all, work from a structured plan. Make it up as you go along and you will waste money, time and goodwill; in short, it can make any dream home a nightmare.

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