Clear The Foggy Haze That Surrounds E-Commerce


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Most people can get online and start building a website with an easy tool like Wix or Squarespace. But, when it comes to getting into the world of online shopping, most people are too scared of the unknown to be able to get started. It’s understandable, though. When you’re dealing with people’s bank or personal information, you gain some huge responsibilities. You have to make sure that you’re operating correctly, to make sure that you’re handling data legally.

This world of mystery is made much easier with the help of a tool like Magento. Magento primarily acts as your payment gateway; to connect your website up with customer’s bank accounts. But, it also has the facility to host your entire shopping experience, from product listings to checkout pages. Most people will run a hybrid setup with Magento; with the store handled by Magento, and the rest of the site developed separately.

Obviously, a tool with so much power has to be used correctly. If you have little to no experience in web design, it’s best to leave the job to a professional. The odds are, though, that you’ll be able to find a Magento agency in your area, with ease. But, even once the site is fully developed, there’s a few things that you need to consider.

  • Security

Of course, using a tool like Magento ensures that your checkout process is as secure as possible. But, your website still might not look that way. When you visit most websites, you will see “https” at the start of the page URL, at the top of the screen. This shows that a website is securely encrypted using SSL. If you don’t have SSL encryption on your site, you may find that certain browsers will warn users not to visit the site. This is a surefire way to lose out on customers and damage your company’s reputation.

Most website hosts will let you buy an SSL certificate directly from them. Once you’ve bought it, it will automatically protect your site. If you have to get it from elsewhere, though, you’ll need to follow the instructions they give you to attach it to your site. Sometimes, Magento won’t work without a valid SSL certificate.


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  • Hosting

The next step in your E-Commerce journey is to check your hosting. When you purchase hosting for a website, you’ll usually be given several options. These options will include different amounts of storage space, bandwidth, and other features/add-ons. As your website gets more popular, you will start to use more bandwidth. If you don’t have enough to support the users accessing the site, some won’t be able to load the website, or they’ll have it load very slowly. This will make your website look very unprofessional. As your website grows, the data that you store will grow with it. This means that you’ll also need more storage space in the future. You need to keep an eye on your hosting at all times, to make sure that you’re not running out of resources.

Hopefully, this will make you more confident to get out there and build your own E-Commerce website. All you need now is a good business idea!

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