4 Ways To Give Your Car A Makeover

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Does your car need a makeover, or are you considering trading it in for a newer model? If your car looks a bit worse for wear but ultimately drives well and has no significant issues, instead of upgrading to a new set of wheels, why not give it the ultimate facelift? By investing in specific areas of your car, you give it a new lease of life and have it defying its age by looking like it just came off the production line.

With the rising costs of car ownership in the UK, being able to “pimp my ride”, to quote the once popular TV show, can help you to get more enjoyment from your vehicle without the outlay associated with buying a new car.

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New Wheels

Wheels are one of the first things people notice about cars, but they’re also one of the first things to sustain damage on vehicles too. From poor parking, other driver collisions or scratches and dents from debris and loose road surfaces, there are many ways your wheels can lose their appeal. If this sounds like your car, you can upgrade your wheels in many ways. From booking for refurbishment with justwheelrepair.co.uk to get your alloys looking new again to purchasing new alloys or swapping your wheels and trims for new ones and even upgrading the quality of tires on your car. All of these small things can help your car look and drive like new again.

Paint Job

While you can buff out small scratches and scrapes using a matching bottle of T-Cut, bigger paint jobs should always be carried out by professionals. Whether you just need a touch-up in a few areas or you need a complete respray, a new paint job on your exterior can work wonders in giving your car a makeover and getting it looking good again. For something a bit more special; why not look at vinyl wraps? They can completely transform your vehicle and give it a whole new look. Don’t forget, though, if you change your car’s colour, you need to update this with your insurance company and the DVLA too.

New Upholstery

Despite your best intentions, there will always be some damage to car interiors, especially if you originally bought it second-hand. Over time and with wear and tear (and kids), your car’s interior will start to fade and look a bit more scruffy. But this doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. Adding seat covers is a cheap way to update your car’s interior. However, you can recover your seating and your flooring with new materials to revamp the interior and make it look and feel like a completely new car.


When was the last time you really cleaned your car? Dirt and debris can get into the tiniest of crevices in a car and leave it feeling and looking a bit grubby. For a quick and easy facelift, book a car in for a good valet inside and out and have it sparkling new and fresh again and give you that new car vibe even if it only lasts for a short while.


Giving your car a new lease of life by paying attention to how it looks can increase your enjoyment and help you avoid upgrading it simply because you are tired of how it looks. If your car is mechanically sound, why not update some features to give it a new lease of life and stay on the road for longer?

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