This Is How To Retain The Value of Your Vehicle

It’s well known that the value of a brand-new vehicle rapidly decreases as soon as it’s driven off the forecourt. However, our vehicles are often one of the most high-cost assets we own and that means it makes sense to take care of them and preserve their value. The good news is despite the initial value drop, there are some ways you can retain the majority of the value of your car. Read on to find out what they are. 

Repair dents and scratches 

First of all, keeping on top of even minor damage to your car will help it to retain its value over the long term. There are two reasons for this. The first is that by dealing with small areas of damage such as scratches or dents as they occur you will avoid having to deal with a whole group of them at one time, which can cost a great deal. 

Additionally, by dealing with minor damage as it occurs, rather than leaving it to build up, you will show that you care about your vehicle, which will make it much more appealing for anyone considering buying it. 

Regularly clean the outside 

Another vital task to complete if you want to retain the value of your vehicle is to make sure you clean the outside regularly. Cleaning your car doesn’t just mean washing it though. Instead, properly taking care of the outside of your vehicle means not only washing it correctly, but also waxing, and polishing properly as well. 

When it comes to washing your vehicle, you must use a car shampoo that has been developed strictly for the task. Otherwise, you risk doing more damage to your paintwork than good. Additionally waxing and correctly polishing the outside of your vehicle is crucial as this will form a protective barrier that will prevent damage to the paintwork and the body of your car. 

Lastly, when cleaning the outside of your vehicle you’ll need to make sure you pay special attention to your wheels, hub caps, and wheel arches as well. Many people now use wheel brushes to remove build-up from these areas which can help reduce wear and erosion and keep your car looking and operating like new for longer. 

Regularly clean the inside

Taking great care of the outside of your vehicle to retain its value is only half the story. You will, of course, also need to take proper care of the interior as well. Happily, there are several things you can do to achieve this. 

The first is to make sure that you regularly clean the interior of your vehicle including the upholstery and the trims. For the upholstery you will need to use specialist shampoo and make sure that you don’t soak the seats as it can take them a while to dry and be usable. To clean the hard-to-reach places in your interior a putty or slime can be very useful as this will change shape to fit into any nook and cranny, picking up dust, dirt and debris at the same time. 

Protective the interior from UV damage 

Another way you can retain the value of your vehicle is to make sure the interior is protected from UV damage. The way to do this is to use a professional automotive window tinting service to apply tinted film to your car’s windows. By applying this film you will not only slow the process of ageing for the interior of your vehicle but make it a more comfortable temperature for you and your passengers as well. 

Regular servicing 

It may seem obvious but whether your vehicle is powered by gas or electricity, regularly servicing your vehicle is crucial if you want it to retain its value over the long term. This is because by having a professional mechanic look over your car regularly you will be able to catch small issues and have them fixed before they turn into major problems. 

Make sure you have all documents on hand 

Last of all, if you want to maintain the value of your vehicle over time then you will need to keep good records. This means having all the paperwork to hand for when you originally bought the car, as well as paperwork for servicing, and repairs. 

You will also need the registration paperwork, as well as documentation showing any changes or improvements you have made to the vehicle, either inside or out. This type of documentation is important because it helps foster trust with the buyer that your vehicle is reliable, trustworthy, and a good investment. 

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