What to Do if Someone is Driving Under the Influence

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If you suspect that someone else on the road is driving under the influence, it can be a stressful situation. However, there is a proper way to deal with it. Here is some expert advice.

First, Call Emergency Services

You can call the police if you think someone is driving while drunk or high, or if you see it happening on the road. Other people’s lives are at risk when drunk or high drivers are on the road. Your information could help stop a car accident or even save lives. During certain times of the year, like Christmas, this is often worse. But you can help make sure the worst doesn’t happen by staying vigilant on the roads, and in bars and restaurants.

Try to Convince Someone Not to Do It

Quite often, the police are alerted to drunk drivers by bar staff and other customers of establishments that serve alcohol, such as restaurants. Sometimes people can make poor decisions and get behind the wheel. However, you can help make a difference by trying to convince them not to do it. If you can, try to convince them to give them the keys or distract them for long enough for the police to arrive. Of course, be aware of drunken confrontations.

Driving Under the Influence Includes Drugs

Around 30 people per day die because of drunk driving in the United States alone. Yet there is an increase in driving while high on drugs. Most commonly, these are cocaine, methamphetamine, and even cannabis. Fortunately, it is easier for police to catch these people these days. Unlike in the past when drugs were suspected, police can administer a roadside drug test, much like an alcohol test. Any drugs are just as likely to cause an accident as alcohol.

Don’t Follow a Drunk Driver

It is commendable to report a drunk driver when on the road or to try to stop someone from getting behind the wheel. But in the case where someone has managed to get on the road, don’t follow them. Instead, take down the vehicle details and call the police, who will swiftly deal with the situation. If you follow the drunk driver, you could put yourself at risk since their actions are likely to be chaotic and unpredictable. Which isn’t what you want when driving at speed.

If You are Having Personal Issues

Finally, it’s possible you will find yourself driving under the influence. If you do this, then you have a problem that must be addressed. Driving while intoxicated, no matter what it is, is selfish and dangerous. So rather than put yourself and others at risk, think twice. If you believe you have an issue, then speak to a drink and drug counselor for the help you need. Going to meetings is also an excellent way to connect with others and talk about working through it.


You shouldn’t put yourself at risk if someone is driving under the influence. But you should call the police whether it’s drink or drugs. And seek the help you need if you feel you have an issue.

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