The Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The Benefits of Quitting Smoking 

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When you get into the habit of reaching for your delta 8 cigarettes or vaping, you might not realize that the long term consequences of smoking are pretty harmful. Smoking can be attributed to at least 90% of lung cancer cases in the US and is the main reason for almost a third of deaths from coronary heart disease. So when it is preventable and you can work on quitting altogether, why wouldn’t you want to give this a go if it meant improving your overall health and increasing the chances of living longer. 

It Will Improve Your Energy Levels 

If you find it difficult to get into exercise and lead a healthy routine, quitting your smoking habit can be a great way to improve your health. You are likely to find it easier to exercise as you will have less difficulty in breathing, which is important, and you will probably notice an improvement in your energy levels too, when you quit. So the sooner you can put down those cigarettes, the more likely you are to be able to exercise properly and improve your fitness levels.  

Better Skin and Teeth

Overtime the nicotine in cigarettes can easily stain your teeth and cause them to go yellow. This ends up discoloring your teeth and is difficult to remove. At least when you stop smoking you are giving your teeth a chance to recover. It will also be less damaging to your skin once you stop as smoking can cause fine lines and wrinkles to form and generally age you. 

Increase Your Life Expectancy 

If you can significantly improve your life expectancy by simply quitting cigarettes, then why wouldn’t you want to. It takes determination and will power, but if you can work towards achieving this then you could most certainly give your body a better chance to recover and extend your life expectancy. Smoking can increase the likelihood of dying much sooner than a non smoker. So by quitting this habit you could increase this chance of living longer by a considerable amount.  

You Will Expose Yourself To Less Nicotine 

There is no denying that nicotine is a bad substance, it can damage your lungs, increase your blood pressure and cause you to have heart problems. When you smoke, the nicotine in your body stays for a long period of time, so it does linger around for much longer than you think. It can remain in your body for up to 8 hours after you have smoked, which is certainly a long time. So everytime you pick up and smoke a cigarette you the long term effects on your body are ongoing. When you reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke and even eventually quit, you are giving your body the best chances of recovering from the continuous nicotine stream. 

Overall it is possible to stop smoking completely if you have the willingness and determination to do it. Getting the support and help that you need to help you along your quitting journey, can certainly be of use when you want to give up altogether and lead a much healthier life.

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