This Road’s Big Enough For Two, But How Can You Drive Safely Around Motorcycles?

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When it comes to driving, wars between vehicle types and their owner’s feelings of road-based ownership aren’t unusual, especially when it comes to cars and smaller vehicles like motorcycles. Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons why motorcyclists alone account for as many as 15% of traffic-related deaths each year, especially as car owners simply disregard the rights that bikes have on the road. 

In reality, though, roads are always big enough for everyone, and drivers looking to avoid serious legal repercussions at the hands of a motorcycle accident attorney need to realize that every single time they get behind the wheel. Notably, making room for everyone means understanding how to look out for different road users at all times. That’s why we’re going to consider how car drivers can perform more safely whenever there are motorcycles around. 

# 1 – Always check your blind spots

Overlooked blind spots are responsible for many motorcycle accidents, especially considering that the smaller size of motorcycles makes them way harder to spot during potentially risky moves like changing lanes. With that in mind, any responsible driver should always prioritize the careful checking of blind spots, especially if they’re aware of motorcycles in the vicinity. This way, you can always be sure that you’re clear to move before you go, thus avoiding the potentially catastrophic mistake of knocking off a rider who was going full-tilt and is likely to suffer extreme injuries as a result. 

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# 2 – Keep your distance

Too often, drivers assume that the smaller nature of motorcycles means they don’t require the same space on the roads. In reality, though, motorcycles that move just as fast on the road as any other type of vehicle typically require the same amount of space to drive safely. This is especially true considering that, not only can motorcycles stop far more suddenly than cars, but they also don’t have the same brake lights as most vehicles. As such, car drivers should generally provide motorcyclists with the full lane while allowing as much as a four-second gap at all times in case of sudden stoppages. 

# 3 – Look out for left turns

Statistics revealing that 42% of motorcycle fatalities occur when a driver turns left also highlight the need to always take care when turning left at an intersection so that you can be sure a motorcycle with the right of way isn’t coming in the opposite direction. This also relates to your blind spots, but drivers especially need to be wary if their view of oncoming traffic is obstructed in any way. Predominantly, safe driving here therefore means always taking your time, and making sure you have a full lay of the road and its users in their entirety before making a rash move that could prove catastrophic. 

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It can be tricky to let go of the long-standing idea that cars rule the roads, but there really is room here for everyone if drivers simply ensure motorcycle safety using these pointers.

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