Six Simple Steps To Make Your Home Living Spaces Work Harder

Six Simple Steps To Make Your Home Living Spaces Work Harder

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If you can’t afford to move to a bigger home, learning to make your current living spaces work harder will be essential. It may seem like an impossible mission to undertake as you can’t physically add space to the property. However, small changes can make a big impact.

Here are six of the best solutions to help you transform your home in no time.

#1. Go open plan

It might be one of the more drastic changes. Nonetheless, removing an internal wall to create an open plan living space can work wonders. Alternatively, you may wish to consider the use of sliding doors to combine internal and external spaces. A living room that steps out onto the deck or patio can be incredible.

On a side note, open plan spaces are often easier to maintain.

#2. Think about internal storage

Your home should have plenty of internal storage features. Sadly, many homeowners overlook the importance of internal configurations. Custom kitchen cabinets, for example, will allow you to store far more items inside. Not to mention the fact that your kitchen will look brand new and sparkling.

Bathroom and bedroom cabinets can be updated to embrace new features too.

#3. Focus on financial savings

When thinking about home improvements, you must take the financial factors into account too. After all, the savings made can be used to pay for some of the intended upgrades. Remodeling with the environment in mind is a great way to make it happen. You’ll save the planet while also gaining the benefits of compact furniture and advanced tech. 

Better still, some of the savings can be used to enjoy life outside of the home.

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#4. Utilize your walls

When looking to create a bigger living space, you are primarily looking at the floor space. With this in mind, using wall brackets for TV displays or shelving can be a key step. Similarly, hanging photos on the walls can remove the need for sideboards. It is also a great option for adding personality to the hallways, even when the space itself is quite limited.

Another popular choice is to use mirrors for strategic light reflections.

#5. Consider converting spaces

If you have a guest room that sits unused, it is a major waste of space. Turning it into an office or art studio can make your property feel far more popular and aligned to your tastes. Similarly, you could consider transforming the garage, attic, or basement. It depends on the setup of your home, as well as your available budget.

It can additionally remove strain from other parts of the home.

#6. Think about furniture choices

Finally, you can make a big improvement to your use of space through furniture choices. A high sleeper cabin bed, for example, can overhaul a child’s bedroom. Meanwhile, retractable tables and space-saving furniture choices are great for smaller living spaces. It may take a minute or two to store them, but it is a worthwhile trade.

These options are also great for households that like to host a lot of gatherings.

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