Gaining New Teeth with Dental Implants

Living with missing teeth is no fun at all, as the gums in the area of a lost tooth or teeth become exposed and this can lead to an increase in sensitivity with that area of the mouth. This can lead to the creation of some difficulties within the way the mouth is used, as a simple task like eating and drinking may become more challenging with some slight pain associated with them, leading to the avoidance of tougher foods such as nuts or steak.

Many people who suffer from tooth loss start to seek out ways to gain replacement teeth, this often leads them to investigate oral devices such as bridges or dentures, neither of which can provide a fixed in place and permanent solution for replacing a lost tooth or a number of lost teeth.

Many sufferers of tooth loss are looking for a way to regain their teeth in a way that almost feels natural, dental implants Maidstone can provide a solution that feels like real natural teeth that are capable of coping with the rigours of everyday use.

Built to last a patient a lifetime

An implant that is being used to replace a single tooth is created by placing a titanium screw into the jawbone of the patient, this helps to form a strong base within the mouth for the new tooth to sit on. The new tooth is a ceramic crown that is attached to the head of the screw, so it is firmly held in place.

The crown is shaped and coloured to allow it to blend in with any teeth surrounding it, often the patient cannot tell which is the replacement tooth after a while as the surface of the crown starts to look like the other teeth around it after being used for a period of time.

While the description here describes the replacing of a single tooth, with a little variation this technique can be easily adapted to replace multiple teeth, as well as being able to be used as an alternative to dentures in cases of extreme tooth loss. Patients are advised to consult with a dentist to understand their options in full.

Freedom of choice when it comes to food

Many people who suffer tooth loss find that they have to change their eating habits, as they chose to avoid eating food they feel they may struggle to bite into or chew. Even with the use of a bridge or dentures, they may find they still have some issues with some foods.

By giving a patient a fixed in place replacement tooth or teeth we can take away any concerns they may have about the food they eat, as they will have the knowledge that their teeth are strong enough to cope with the eating of the food they chose.

Start to smile again

When some people lose teeth at the front of the mouth they may decide to try to avoid smiling, as they may not want to expose their tooth loss. Replacing these teeth with dental Implants may allow them to feel confident smiling once more.

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