Improving your smile with teeth whitening

Perfect looking teeth are something most people desire, as having an attractive smile is a magnet that helps draw others into our lives and allows us to form friendships and relationships. Many people go to great lengths to gain perfect, pearly white teeth, normally by buying toothpaste from the supermarket or chemist that makes promises of improving the look of the teeth and adding more whiteness to them.

While the toothpaste solutions may not be ideal, they suit the needs of most people looking to achieve whiter teeth, and can prove convenient in most cases. But there is a growing number of people who feel they need a professional intervention that will help them to achieve the white teeth they require.

For many people teeth whitening, Harley Street, may provide the solution they have been seeking and at a rate many can afford.

Different types of treatment

The first treatment type that a patient could consider is known as Zoom whitening, which is a treatment administered in the dentist’s chair. This treatment involves covering the teeth with a gel that contains a bleaching agent, there will be a protective covering placed over the lips and gums during this procedure for patient safety.

A high powered lamp is then positioned above the teeth and used to activate the bleaching agent; this procedure can normally last for up to 1 hour. By the end of the treatment, the patient should be able to see a noticeable change in the color of their teeth, as they should appear a few shades lighter.

This is a popular option amongst those seeking a tooth whitening treatment that can give almost instant results.

There are also home whitening treatments that the patient can administer themselves, in a place of their choosing and at a time of day that is convenient to them. These treatments involve putting a gel inside a tray and wearing it overnight while they sleep or for a few hours a day at a time that suits them.

While this treatment may take longer to gain the full results that the patient is looking for, it is very popular with those people who live very busy lives, but are looking to improve the look of their teeth without the need to spend an extended period of time at a dentist’s practice.

It is also quite common for patients to use a combination of treatments to gain the desired results and maintain them. They often choose to use the Zoom system to gain instant results, then use the home treatment to maintain the new white look of their teeth. This provides patients with both a short-term solution and a plan for any long-term maintenance going forward.

Giving people the smiles they want

Whitening the teeth often results in the patient achieving the look they want for their smile, and they feel happy showing their newly gained smile to others. This helps to make these patients feel more confident in their daily lives going forward and the confidence acquired can open the door to opportunities hitherto lacking.

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