How Can We Give New Employees the Best Possible Start in Our Business?

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Working to prepare your business for the future means having to look at the components that will really drive your business forward. New employees are one of the biggest drivers of change in any organization, however, we must remember that we, as employers, have a major impact on how they will be successful in our business. We need to give our employees the best start, but how do we do this? 

Look at Their Challenges

The onboarding process is one of the most difficult types of transition. You can find out more information on this substantial process on, but new hires are always inexperienced no matter how suited they are to the job. New hires have to adapt to how they do things and the culture of the environment. This is why it’s so important to be cognizant of their challenges and reassure new hires that learning is far more important than actual results during the early days. 

Make Them a Part of the Team

The sooner they build an effective working relationship with the appropriate people, the better. But it’s not just about supporting the new hire, it’s also about making sure the team understands the role the new person will play. Taking some time to help colleagues and the new hire acclimatize together is so important and it will make a massive difference in the long-term. 

Connecting Them With the Right People

You can connect them with stakeholders that will be critical to their success in the job, but there are also other approaches that can benefit, such as mentors. If you look on, you can see exactly why having a mentor is so vital to developing confidence and skills within the working environment. 

Speed Up Their Learning

The quicker somebody learns about their role within the organization, the more they will be able to accomplish. But learning is not just one component; you can break it down into three key areas: 

  • Political Learning. This is where we understand how decisions are made and how power works within the organization. 
  • Cultural Learning. This involves the values and attitudes that contribute to the character of the business. 
  • Technical Learning. This involves learning processes and other business fundamentals such as the customers and products. 

The more an employee is able to learn, the better, but also the faster they can learn in these three areas, the greater business success. 

Build Their Confidence in the Early Days

People brand new to a company want to prove themselves, but inevitably spread themselves too thin because they take on too much. You need to make them focus on the essential work, and help them prioritize what will give them rapid progress. When we help them to score those important early wins, they will be more confident and this will set them up for greater success in the long run. 

Giving our employees the best start is so important, and this is why we should never underestimate those crucial first few weeks of any new employee.

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