Clear Aligners; Common Queries Answered

Curious to learn more about clear aligners?

Here, common questions about invisible aligners are answered, so you can get some much-needed info about this ever-popular orthodontic trend!

How long do invisible aligners take?

Invisalign in Glasgow and other invisible aligners take between 3-6 months for most patients.

But, as you may have guessed, this will vary based on the condition being treated with the aligner and its severity.

Can I skip one of the aligners?

No, you can’t skip an aligner without the direct instruction of your dentist.

Even if an aligner in the sequence seems pointless, you still need to wear it and should not skip it, as this can lead to the next aligner not fitting correctly and moving your teeth in the wrong direction.

Do I need to clean the aligners?

Indeed you do! But it isn’t hard.

Simply rinse them under a cold tap, and if there is stubborn debris or plaque, use a toothbrush to remove it.

Do not use hot water to clean the aligners, as this can cause them to warp, rendering them useless. Aim to clean them twice a day, and if you would prefer your aligners to have a minty aftertaste, why not invest in a rinse or solution to put them in for around 15 minutes a day?

Cleaner and fresh aligners are always a good thing!

How long should I wear the aligners for?

On average, you will need to wear your aligners for around 22 hours a day. And yes, that does mean you will have to wear them to bed at night! But don’t worry, they are slim enough that they shouldn’t rub against your inner cheeks or your tongue and should be discreet enough to not affect your speech patterns in daily life.

It may seem that leaving them out of your mouth for an extra hour won’t be detrimental, but don’t be fooled! A lack of constant pressure on the desired teeth from the aligners can cause your teeth to revert to their former positions, or they may stop moving altogether.

So, in short, keep them in your mouth as required to get the most out of wearing them!

How much do invisible aligners cost?

OK, onto the question most people want to be answered: how much will it cost?

It can be ever so tempting to opt for aligners that are sent to your home when you are enquiring with dentists about the cost of invisible aligners, but this is best avoided. Having a dentist to oversee your treatment is essential to not only the success of the procedure but also the longevity of your dental health.

The care of a dentist is also included in the overall cost of invisible aligners, and depending on how many aligners you have, how long the treatment takes and whether any replacement aligners are needed, it can seem a bit pricey. However, as mentioned earlier, it is best not to skimp on costs with realignments. And while it is recommended to shop around for an affordable price, most dentists will be able to offer you payment plans or financing options to spread the cost.

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