How To Restore Your Home After A Flood

Floods can be caused by bad weather, burst pipes, or an overflowing river. Wherever it comes from, flood water can cause a lot of damage that can be very expensive to sort out, often needing a lot of renovations. A lot of your possessions can be badly damaged too, which can be very upsetting. Here’s what to do if your home has been flooded. 

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Stop the Water at Its Source

If the flood has been caused by a storm or a river bursting its banks, then you know where the water is coming from. If the water is coming from somewhere inside your home, you need to the source. The easiest way to stop the water from doing more damage is to turn it off at the main water valve. 

Turn Off the Electricity

Turn off all the electricity to stop the water from causing dangerous damage to your electrics. Don’t walk through any water to access your fuse box. If you can’t reach the fuse box without going into the water, call an electrician, who will be able to help you safely. 

Leave the House

Leave the house and find somewhere safe and dry to wait, such as a neighbor’s house. Make sure everyone who was in the house is safe and with you. If the flooding has been caused by a natural disaster, you might be able to find a temporary shelter by listening to the local news. Get everyone relocated to the shelter as soon as you can, if there is one. 

Call For Help

When everyone is safe, call for help. Call rhe emergency services if anyone needs medical attention. No matter what’s happening in the house, the damage has already been done, so worry about the safety of your family first. When everyone is safe, start calling for help to handle the flood. 

If you rent your home, call your landlord. If you own your home, call your insurance company. Your insurance company might want to send someone to you to look over the damage before you can start cleaning up. 

Document Everything

You’re going to want to start cleaning as soon as you can, but try to hold off. Before you can start cleaning, you should document everything with pictures and videos so your insurer can see how much damage there is. Make sure you don’t touch the water as you’re doing this, as there could be sewage in it. Before you go inside, put on some protective gear, such as waders or waterproof boots. 

Start the Cleanup Process

Cleaning up after a flood is a long process with a lot of hard work, and you might need help from a Property Damage Restoration Company. You need to get the water out, rescue as many of your belongings as you can, get your house dried out, and disinfect any areas that the water has touched. Wear protective gear while you’re working, so you can avoid getting into contact with any bacteria. 

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