Staying at Home: Activities You Can Do During Your Downtime

Ladies, if you’re like almost everyone around the world, you’ve probably been staying at home more than ever before this past year and a half because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ve been working from home, doing household chores, and catching up with everyone through video calls. Yes, you’ve been very busy, but do you still often find yourself at a loss to fill your free time at home?

Well, if you do, you probably just haven’t found an interesting and worthwhile activity you can do whenever you’ve got time on your hands at home. But there’s no need to worry. There are many great activities you can take up to pass the time at home. And sometimes, this means just keeping your hands busy.


Do you remember your younger days when you made all sorts of stuff you gave out to family and friends? You had so much fun, right? There was a sense of accomplishment whenever you finished an item, and it also felt good when your family or friends appreciated your work. So why not get into the habit of creating trinkets, keepsakes, etc., again during your free time at home?

Chances are, many of the items you used to make were handicrafts. And there’s no time like the present-when you’re stuck at home-to start creating handicrafts again. Make friendship bracelets once more and renew your pact with your girlfriends. Or better yet, create matching dresses for you and the girls this time around.

If you want to go classic, you can get vintage patterns for sewing like those popular to help you make the dresses. You can also create items that’ll have practical use at home (so don’t give them away). For example, you can take up basket weaving to make bread, newspaper, or laundry basket.


Most of you are probably cringing or shaking your heads at the thought of taking up carpentry. Just because you’re a girl, that doesn’t mean you can’t try doing some carpentry work. Look at it this way. With carpentry, you’ll not only be doing something worthwhile with your free time at home but also learning a skill that could save you money in the future. It sounds like a good deal, right?

Of course, you don’t have to take on a big carpentry project (like building a house) from the get-go. Just start small and work your way up. For your first project, try repurposing old or broken home furniture. You can, for example, turn a wooden dining chair into a side table. Saw off the back of the chair and add the cross rails from the chair’s backto the legs of the soon-to-be table.

Then, after successfully repurposing several pieces, you’ll surely feel more confident in your carpentry skills, so you might as wellsee if you can already make wooden furniture pieces on your own. You never know-you might be able to give your home a makeover with new chairs or shelves that you made yourself.


When was the last time you drew something just for the fun of it (be honest)? For most of you, it was probably during your primary schooldays. Well, if it has been that long, it’s time to consider getting into the arts again and to rediscover why it was one of your favourite pastimes when you were a kid. Creating art is relaxing and helps keep your mind sharp, so it’s a great activity to take up while you’re stuck at home.

For starters, you can take out some pencils and sheets of paper and begin to draw or sketch. If you’ve got crayons, coloured pens, watercolours, or oil pastels, you can also use these tools for your artwork. Or maybe painting is more your thing. For painting, you’ll need to get yourself an easel, a palette, canvases, paintbrushes, and oil or acrylic paint.

You can also take up sculpture or word carving if you like creating objects, like crafts and carpentry. If you’ve already tried creating handicrafts and doing carpentry, the skills you acquired might even come in handy when you get into sculpture or wood carving.

Keep Your Hands Busy

Ladies, being stuck at home may leave you with a lot of time on your hands. Be sure you make good use of your free time by doing interesting and worthwhile activities. One simple way you can do this is by keeping your hands busy during your downtime at home. Choose the right interest or hobby to keep yourself occupied.

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Lucrative Businesses Ideas Today

Investing money is a great way to make more of it. It also has the added benefit of giving you peace of mind in knowing that your savings are being taken care of. Nowadays, people will be able to earn more money by investing in lucrative businesses such as becoming a real estate property developer, selling products online, and even offering essential services to people within a community. Compared to sticking to a nine-to-five job, people are more likely to achieve financial success if they invest their time and efforts into lucrative business endeavors.

People know that investing is a good way to make more money. However, the problem lies in finding good endeavors to invest in. Therefore, it is important for people to do their research and learn about different lucrative businesses that they can invest in first before they make decisions. This way, they will not end up regretting their decisions in the future.

Lucrative Business Endeavors

There are a lot of different ways to invest your money, and some of them are better than others. But many people end up investing in things that lose value over time, instead of gaining it. They get stuck with investments that do not pay off for them financially or emotionally.

If you’re looking for great investment opportunities there are several businesses that can be profitable if you know which ones to choose from. These companies will give you an opportunity to make money while also enjoying the products or services that they provide their customers with every day. Below are examples of lucrative businesses that people can invest in.

Auto repair shops: Auto repair shops are necessary for car owners and these companies can generate a good profit over time. The best thing about investing in an auto repair shop is that you get the guarantee that you will never run out of clients and customers. After all, more and more people are owning cars these days. This means that people will always be in need of the products and services that auto repair shops offer to them.

Electronics repair shops: The best thing about investing in an electronics repair shop is that the demand for these services will never go down. In fact, as time passes by and more new tech devices are being created every year, the demand for electronic repairs will also increase. Therefore, you can expect to earn a decent profit by investing in an electronics repair shop.

Cleaning service: Investing in a cleaning service can be lucrative because of how many people need these services each day. Think about it, people need to clean their homes and offices daily. If you’re in the right location with a good reputation for your business, then there will always be customers coming in looking to hire someone reliable that they can work with on an ongoing basis. You simply have to establish a good reputation and keep your clients happy. Eventually, you will have more customers relying on you for your services. Before you know it, you will be basking in your business’s success. 

Personal trainer: Investing in personal trainers is also very lucrative. You can advertise your services and help people lose weight, get stronger, bulk up, and more. A lot of people lack the discipline to achieve their goals especially when it comes to making sure that their bodies are fit and healthy. Therefore, you will always have the guarantee that you will have a lot of customers always looking to hire the services you are offering.

IT support shops: These shops are also lucrative business endeavors because you can charge people to help them fix their problems and also have them purchase some equipment they might be in need of. As technology becomes more advanced, more people will be in need of IT support. Therefore, you will always have the guarantee that people will always be in need of your services.

Graphic design services: People need graphic designers to help them with their business materials, advertisements, and other things like posters. This is also a lucrative endeavor because you can charge people for the services that you offer them. With more businesses popping up every day, you will always have customers who will need your graphic design services to help them enhance their advertising and marketing strategies.

Businesses Worth Investing In

Finding lucrative business endeavors to invest in can be tough. You might not know where to start, or what type of business you want to invest in. There are a number of factors that need to be considered before making an investment decision on how profitable it will actually turn out for the investor and whether they can sustain the long-term expenses associated with running their own company.

Therefore, it is imperative that you think carefully about what type of business you want to invest in. There are many avenues you can go down before making your decision, but there are a few that stand out as some of the best businesses for investors. The key to success is doing your research and making smart choices and decisions.

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Eco Construction: Guide to Building a Rooftop Greenhouse

Whether planting is your profession or hobby, a green house is one amazing gardening structure that’s worth considering. This type of building is used by many gardeners for its ability to offer a longer growing season. It is built with climate or temperature control specifications, allowing for a year-round harvest. Since it’s a covered structure, protection for your plants against harsh weather conditions won’t be an issue.

What’s more, greenhouses are suitable for growing more plant options and they are generally customizable too. The catch is, you need a good space for it. Most gardeners build their greenhouses in their backyard or any vacant lot, but ground space isn’t the only option. You can also build one on your rooftop. Read on to know how you can make this amazing green project happen:

Consult an expert for assessment

Before you start with the construction, you must first ensure if your rooftop is actually suitable for a greenhouse. You can call on a local contractor or architect to perform an assessment and determine if the orientation and age of your rooftop can support the structure. They can give you all the structural details and assessments of whether your house is safe for greenhouse construction. At the same time, they can give you an idea as to what building permits you’ll need to acquire for the build.

Plan for supplies and equipment

Depending on the type and size of your build, there are general supplies you should consider and obtain. These include concrete for foundation supports, galvanized steel or aluminum for beams and straps, patterned glass, insulation materials, and greenhouse plastic with a UV rating. You should also list down all the needed nutrients for the plants or vegetables you’re planning to grow. If you’re looking to grow hydroponics, you will need separate nutrient solutions for the plants. You can create your own plant buckets and planter boxes.

And since you’ll be building on your rooftop, you’ll need to obtain or rent the right type of equipment and gear for the construction. The good news is that most contractions readily have them. One important piece of equipment for the rooftop build is a heavy-duty mobile truck crane for moving heavy building materials up and down the structure. Many contractors will rent the equipment on your behalf. There might also be a need for a boom light for lighter lifts. Other pieces of equipment needed for the construction include a telehandler and scissor lift.

Add a liveable space

Creating a living space next to your rooftop garden can make gardening a better experience. You can go for a peaceful oasis or an entertaining space, depending on your needs. But remember, there is a restricted amount of weight the house can hold. Take into account the weight of your greenhouse before planning for the living space. You can get a licensed expert to check for structural integrity. They will ensure if the structure can support the extra weight of heavy materials such as furniture, tiles, or stones.

You’d also need to consider how you’ll move the furniture and items from down to up the rooftop. Lastly, the types of materials and furniture you’ll use to build the living space should be ideal for the local weather. If your area gets a lot of rainy days, you might consider building a roof for the space too. Or, choose a type of material that can withstand harsh climates. For instance, you can choose furniture made of wood such as cedar or acacia, which provide strong weather resistance.

Build for weather survival

Your rooftop greenhouse is the first one to get hit by storms or wind. That is why your house must be strong enough to have the greenhouse anchored into it. Whether you’re planning for a DIY project or you’re hiring a contractor, it’s best to check out rooftop greenhouse plans. You can find free ones online. Apart from the foundation, your greenhouse frame should be strong enough to withstand the weight of snow, high winds, and storms. Be sure to also choose the right covering film and hardware for your greenhouse.

The last thing you want to happen is for the greenhouse to collapse on your roof. Other things to consider include film accessories, doors, and benches.

A rooftop greenhouse can provide you with a unique gardening place and experience. Plus, it can help reduce the heat on your house and eventually, your energy costs too. Carefully plan your greenhouse construction using our tips and own an incredible gardening space for you and your plants.

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