DIY With the Kids: Home Improvement Made Fun

If you are like most parents, you are a busy person. Doing household chores, cooking dinner, helping the kids with school – your schedule is packed with important tasks that must be accomplished within the day. With everything that’s going on, it’s nearly impossible to accomplish some home maintenance tasks.

But here’s an idea, Mom and Dad: what if you can include the children in some home improvement projects? It hits two goals with one stone: it’s a great bonding activity that enables you to finish some items around your home.

Whether it’s teaching the kids how to garden or taking them with you as you shop for engineered hardwood floors from a reputable supplier, including the children in your tasks takes some load off your shoulders while teaching your kids a few things about home improvement.

Fortunately, there are many kid-friendly home improvement projects you can undertake. Assess their skill level to determine the tasks they can handle.

Ground Rules for Doing Home Improvement with Kids

Safety is still a priority to keep your children safe from accidents or injuries. Their skill level determines the tasks they can do. So before you assign your kids tasks, consider their skills.

Also, patience makes the entire experience fun for everyone. Since you are working with kids, don’t expect them to understand instructions as easily as you do. For some kids, it takes a little longer to complete a task so be patient with them.

What are Home Improvement Projects You Can Do with the Kids?

Fireplace Decoration

If your fireplace is the center point of a room, regular upkeep prevents it from looking worn out. Left without any maintenance, your fireplace can become an eyesore instead of a statement piece of your room.

Bring your fireplace back to life by cleaning it and adding some decorations. You can buy stylish pieces that encompass your personality and add it to your mantle. If you want to compliment the colors of your room, do so!

Involve the children by having them make homemade crafts or draw pictures that you can hang up around the mantle. Add an elegant touch by adding colorful plants.

Room Makeover

Transform a dust-collecting spare room or unused guestroom into one of the best places in your home. The children can help clean a room and remove clutter. To help the kids safely clean a room, let them use non-toxic disinfectants and cleaners so you don’t have to worry about them being harmed by chemicals.

Once the room is clean, furnish the space with statement pieces in your home or take the kids out shopping for new ones. You can turn the room into anything you and the children want:

  • Spare office
  • Extra bedroom for guests
  • Activity center for the children
  • Family room
  • Spare office
  • Family room
  • Game room
  • Reading room
  • Arts and crafts space

Bathroom Remodeling

Before you remodel your bathroom with the kids, check for signs of water damage. Small issues like these can become serious ones in the future if not addressed by the experts.

Once your bathroom is good, start remodeling! Have the children use eco-friendly cleaning products to scrub the grease and grime away. If some fixtures need upgrading, take the older kids with you to find new ones. They can also help you pick out new bathroom flooring, appliances and paint colors.

Backyard Sanctuary

Who says your backyard has to be “just another backyard in the neighborhood?” Instead of forgetting your yard, transform it into your vacation space. Apart from sprucing up your yard, you’ll also save more money by having a personal haven near your home.

A popular family project is building your garden – one filled with organic foods and beautiful plants. The kids will learn important skills, as well as expand their intellect and creativity. Together, you can plant your family’s favorite vegetables: cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes are relatively easy to grow. As your skills improve, you can plant lettuces, melons and other vegetables that require more attention.

Make an At-Home Theater Room

Due to COVID-19, many cinemas are still shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. Fortunately, you can make your own cinema experience at home. Transform any spare room or living room into a theater for the family.

Take the kids out and have them pick the items they want for their mini cinema. This can include sleeping bags, candy stations, gumball machines and bean bag chairs. Make the space comfortable, so they can enjoy their favorite Netflix shows or Disney Christmas movies.

Doing home improvement tasks with your children is experiential learning at its finest. Figuring out how to do projects yourself (and with the kids) takes physical science, mathematics and reading, so you can turn each home maintenance task into a lesson minus the lecture!

At the end of the day, you didn’t just have a good time with the kids; you helped them develop the life skills they needed to become more independent.

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4 ways to get more business visibility

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If you own a business, your ultimate goal is to be successful. But how do you get successful? Well, there are many factors that determine your business’s success but the main one is visibility. It makes sense since the more people who know about your business, the more customers you are going to be pulling in. If you want to know quick and easy ways to boost your business visibility, don’t stop your scroll!

Why is business visibility so important?

Your firm is not going to bring in many customers or keep them around if the general public has little to no idea of your existence. You need to have a marketing plan up your sleeve so you can target as many people as possible (especially those in your target audience). Business visibility determines your success so please don’t neglect it. 

Ways to get more brand visibility 

  1. Utilize social media platforms

Establishing a strong presence on social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram. Facebook and Youtube is the key to getting noticed. It’s recommended that you stay active on social media by making frequent posts (following the algorithm – study this to make sure your content is optimized for it) and communicating with your customers and target audience. 

For instance, if you are in the gaming industry set up a twitch account so you can communicate directly with people who would be interested in your products. 

Read tips on business technology.  

  1. Advertise

Advertisements are powerful tools for boosting your business visibility. You could get adverts to put on popular websites where your target audience would be, get an ad in the newspaper, or even set up outdoor banner frame systems. 

  1. Attend a business trade show

Trade shows are events where businesses and customers in a specific industry go and view the latest developments and products. Companies can set up their own exhibits to show to potential customers and business collaborators. Creating a high-quality, attractive exhibition is a sure way to make your business more well known.

  1. Get a partner

Partner up with a more established business. This will be very advantageous for you since it enables your company to be viewed on a large scale (and you’ll bring in more customers as a result). Another benefit of collaborating with another company is that their reputation is passed down to you. People buy from businesses they trust and if you are affiliated with a trustworthy business with a positive reputation – customers will think the same of you. Because of this make sure you are collaborating with a good business that has a positive reputation in your industry. 

In summary

For a business to be successful – it needs to be well known. You can boost your business’s visibility by posting algorithm friendly content on major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, advertising your business both online and in the real world, exhibiting at a business trade show in your industry, and collaborating with a larger business.

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