Garden Goals: Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

There’s nothing better than soaking up the sunshine in the garden when the skies are blue and it’s warm outside. If your garden is crying out for some TLC, or you need inspiration to create an al fresco oasis, here are some tips to help you make the most of your outdoor space. 

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Maximizing the space you have available

When designing your garden or embarking upon a mini makeover, it’s always beneficial to try and maximize the space you have available and use every inch. From awkwardly shaped areas to corners, there are innovative solutions to help you utilize every part of your garden. One of the most common issues homeowners encounter is overgrown trees and branches that are blocking light or making it impossible to use sections of the garden for entertaining, playing with children, grandchildren or pets or growing plants or produce. If this problem sounds familiar, it’s a great idea to consider hiring a company like Sydney Tree Company to remove or prune trees to make your garden more functional and create the illusion of a larger, lighter space. You can also use corners to create cool chill-out zones or seating areas or design planters or features such as shelves and corner ladders to house containers, buckets or pots. 

Creating a versatile space

Depending on where you live, you may have to contend with different types of weather conditions during the year. From blazing heat to showers, dark nights and clear, sunny days, you can cater to all climates in your garden to make your yard a perfect place to hang out come rain or shine. Use structures and features such as gazebos, awnings and sails to provide shelter and shade, add outdoor lighting to enable you to enjoy the garden after sunset and create a cozy vibe with blankets and throws to keep warm after dark in the summer and during the winter. You can also explore additions such as fire pits, patio heaters and chimineas. 

Designing distinctive garden zones

Our gardens have multiple roles, and many of us like to undertake several different types of activities in the same space. From sunbathing and hanging out with friends to gardening and growing, playing sports with the kids and chilling out with a good book, you can enjoy a host of different hobbies in your garden. If you’d like your backyard to be more versatile and functional, it’s an excellent idea to design distinctive zones. You can do this by using different materials and physical structures and barriers, such as gates, walls and fences, and adding colored or themed accessories and lighting to change the ambiance.

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Are you keen to make the most of your outdoor space? Is your garden a little bland or tired, or can you only enjoy it in the summer? Take these tips on board to create a more versatile, accessible space you can use all year-round. From making use of every inch to creating different zones to cater to hobbies and interests and facilitate relaxation, it’s possible to transform your outdoor area into a stunning oasis. 

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