Exterior Design: The Best Parts Of Rural Living


You’ve heard about the farmhouse interior design style and the reason for that is, it’s just brilliant! The large homely pieces, the love of natural materials and the respect of nature are something we could all do much more with. However, we don’t often regard the exterior of a rural home in high regard. Why is that? It’s confusing because the exterior is all about celebrating strength, simplicity and space. There are some key features of a rural home that has made its way into the city; the conservatory. This was only ever seen in rural homes but now we see them in urban environments. Let’s explore the best bits of the rural exterior style.

Country garages

Garages in suburban and urban homes are sometimes a little smaller than we would like. We park our cars inside and we just about squeeze past it to get indoors. However, in rural homes the garage is huge! It should be able to fit most kinds of farming equipment, bar the largest. This is why pole barns are so popular. They are made custom to your liking, as they are designed using hardwood which can be shaped, sized and finished quicker and easier. The roof is made out of metal however, as it must protect your property inside. You can paint the barn however you want. You can do a two-tone paint scheme, one single color, or perhaps paint the support one color, the walls another and the doors another. You can be as creative as you like.

Conservatory design

Believe it or not, the conservatory doesn’t have to be attached to the home itself. Many country homes have a conservatory that is detached from the main property, and it is often made as a pool house. Conservatories should be a relaxation space that is directly linked to the garden. Remember that conservatories were designed to be enjoyed among nature while not being outdoors to brave the wind, rain and glaring sunshine. The rural design is that of a hexagon with 360-degree vision. The entire roof should be made out of windows, so you can enjoy the night sky sitting by the fireplace. 

Guest log cabin

Log cabins are the most iconic image of a rural property. Although there are now modern homes in the heart of the country, you can always do with a small one or two-bedroom log cabin in your garden. This could be for guests who come over to stay with you for a weekend fishing trip or a camping journey through the forest. Log cabins should stand above the ground as they often stood on stilts to avoid floods. There should also be a decking from which you can hang a bench or hammock, as cabin porches are often one of the best relaxation spots in rural parts of the country. 

Which rural exterior structure do you like the most? Log cabins are great but reading a good book by the fireplace while occasionally peeking at the full moon in a conservatory is perhaps even better.

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