Essential Qualities to Look for in an Orthodontist

An orthodontist is essentially a dentist who specializes in transforming crooked teeth into a set of perfectly straight and well-spaced pearly whites. If you know of people with retainers or braces on, then you’ve seen the handiwork of an orthodontist.

Now, not all orthodontists can offer similar benefits to patients because they have different skillsets and personalities. If you’re currently searching for one that matches your needs because your present orthodontist doesn’t provide the results that you expect, you have to read carefully. These are five qualities that you have to look for in your orthodontist:

  • They are skilled. Your orthodontist should be highly skilled at their craft and should have the ability to handle every imaginable concern of the client. For example, your orthodontist should know how to have different orthodontic appliancescreated that are requested by clients, such as retainers, distalizers, and space maintainers. These products should be customized to the client’s specifications and should be functional to provide their intended benefits.
  • They follow a holistic approach. The best orthodontists are known to have the foresight and not just a limited approach to ensuring the client’s great oral health. Your orthodontist should follow a holistic approach-meaning, they have to design an oral health care plan that encompasses your overall needs. Your orthodontist must understand what you want to achieve and what your oral health care needs are. This is so that you can be appropriately guided and motivated to adhere to a tailored plan towards realizing your personal goals.
  • They manage the client’s pain well. A lot of patients experience traumatic visits to dental clinics due to some painful procedures handled by an inexperienced or indifferent orthodontist. Whether it’s adjusting the braces or installing retainers, your orthodontist must know how to do things without causing unnecessary pain. In instances where a certain level of pain is inevitable, your orthodontist should manage it well through specific techniques like applying the pre-numbing gel before injecting anesthesia. Patients react to pain differently, and the orthodontist must be fully aware of such.
  • They are highly qualified and trained. Your orthodontist must have the necessary professional education and training in the field. They should be duly licensed and a member of industry organizations. You may simply ask for such credentials to be sure about the qualification of your orthodontist.
  • They offer a flexible schedule and reasonable rates. For patients with busy schedules, having an orthodontist who can offer flexible appointment schedules is a definite plus. The orthodontist should also charge reasonably. That means that they must have professional rates that are within the acceptable range. You may do quick research to know the going prices for specific orthodontic services so that you’ll know if your orthodontist is ripping you off or charging reasonably.

Use these qualities as your guide when scouting for an orthodontist. These essential traits should be more than enough to guarantee you a pleasant experience each time you come into your orthodontist’s clinic for a visit. You’ll also know that you’re getting the service that you should receive.

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