Tips For Measuring A Driveshaft

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Your car’s driveshaft is a very important part of the car’s driveability. Essentially, it transmits the torque from your car’s transmission to the wheel axles. Precisely where that power is distributed depends on the type of car you have. If you have a front-wheel drive, power from your transmission will be sent to the two front wheels. Meanwhile, if you have a car that has a rear-wheel drive, power will be sent to the back wheel axles. On occasion, you may come across two driveshafts if you have a four-wheel-drive car or truck.

Located in places that may be difficult to navigate to on your own, a driveshaft has to be measured. You may need to replace it or any other part of your vehicle. In order to do this, it needs to be measured correctly. Here are some tips that will show you how to measure a driveshaft.

What You Will Need

There are a few materials you will need to gather in order to do this properly. Those items include a flashlight, hydraulic floor jack, jack stands, paper and pen, steel tape measure and wheel chocks. In order for this process to be simple and easy, you have to jack your car up high enough so that you have enough room to work underneath it. Raise the back end of your car using the floor jack and make sure you place your jack stands near the rear axel.

Step 1

The first step is to make sure your car is secure. Park your car somewhere on unyielding, level ground. Be sure that you put on the emergency brake. To ensure your car does not slide, put your wheel chocks against a front tire in a way that ensures it will not move. Putting your wheel chocks against the front tire will prevent the car from rolling since the emergency brake on most cars holds the rear wheels.

Step 2

Use your hydraulic floor jack to lift your vehicle. Make sure that you know the right lifting point located under the rear of your car. You want to make sure that you are placing the jack in the right place so you do not accidentally damage your car. Finding the right lifting point is also crucial if you do not want your car to slide off the jack while it is being lifted. Having trouble trying to locate this? Turn to your owner’s manual.

Keep in mind that while you are lifting a vehicle with a jack, make sure that it stands below the car to support it before you start working. Doing anything else can be extremely dangerous. Now it is time for your jack stands to shine. Place them securely under the rear axle. While you are measuring your driveshaft length, remember to keep the weight of your car on the rear suspension as this could impact the distance between your transmission and the pinion flange.

Step 3

How you measure the driveshaft of one car is going to be different than the way you measure the driveshaft of another car. Measure the space between the two flanges if your car has a flange mounted on the back of your transmission as well as a flange on the differential. On the other hand, measure the distance between the end of the transmission shaft to the center of the rear u-joint if you have a car that has a driveshaft that slides onto the transmission output shaft.

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High Paying Career Ideas That Require No Experience

Are you looking for a new career at the moment? Are you currently stuck in a dead-end job where you’re never going to earn a decent living? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to take a look at some high-paying career suggestions that require no experience. That’s right! You don’t need any previous experience at all to try these jobs, and they have the potential for significantly larger salaries than you’ll find anywhere else. 

With that in mind, grab yourself a coffee, and let’s begin!


Work on a trawler 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re male, female, or anything in between, anyone can get a job working on a trawler if they have the right attitude and connections. The job involves spending weeks at sea fishing, but you could earn a small fortune every year. In most instances, the boat captain will take money from the catch to cover their costs. They will then pay themselves before splitting the rest of the profits between the crew. 

Lots of people who work on trawlers earn a middle-class wage each year, and you could do the same. Get in touch with different captains, and ask if they have any available positions if you want to try this career. 


Work in the energy industry

There are many different jobs within the energy industry that offer fantastic wages, even if you don’t have any experience. For instance, you might work an unskilled job aboard an oil rig or something similar? You could join a drilling company and spend time in Africa searching for natural gasses or minerals. The possibilities are endless, and it’s possible to earn a crazy wage if you join the right company. 

For jobs of that nature, you need to check the websites of different energy companies. Most will list available positions in their jobs sections. 


Work in real estate

One of the best things about working in the real estate industry is that you expose yourself to unlimited earnings. In most instances, you will earn a small wage from the company for which you work. However, you can also earn a commission on every house you sell. So, if you work hard and master the trade, it is possible you could significantly improve your quality of life. 

Of course, selling property is hard work, and it might take a while before you become proficient at it. Still, if you’re a fast learner, real estate could be an excellent idea. 

The high-paying career ideas listed on this page require no experience. So, there is nothing preventing you from getting a CV together and sending it off to some suitable companies today. Just remember that you’re far more likely to catch a fish if you have lots of fishing rods in the water. That means you need to contact hundreds of different firms if you want to secure a job offer. If you do that, you’re sure to get a bite eventually. 

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you check out some other fantastic career articles on this blog before you leave! See you next time!

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Make Lockdown Work for You With These Great Hacks

Lockdown has been a tough time for so many people, and it is important to make sure you try to focus on making this a process that is easier to deal with right now. There are a lot of things that play a role in helping to improve this process, and you need to think about what you can do whilst stuck at home to make the entire process more tolerable. You need to consider what it takes to make the best of this right now, and this is something you need to think about. 


There are a lot of elements that play a part in this, and it is vital that you come up with your own hacks to make the time pass in a more productive and tolerable fashion. Keeping busy is important, but you also need to come up with ideas for things you can do while stuck at home that are going to make things better right now. Make the most of this by using these awesome ideas to take things to the next level right now. 

Spend More Time in the Garden

Spending more time in your garden is one of the best things you can do to help make lockdown work for you. The importance of getting outside and enjoying fresh air has been magnified much more as a result of the lockdown process. And there are loads of great options you need to think about that play a part in this; try to spend more time in the garden, and maybe even work on sprucing up the garden as much as possible right now. 

Make the Most of Your Time Alone

Spending time alone is part and parcel of the lockdown process and this is something that plays a role in your life. You have to look at how to make the most of ‘me’ time during lockdown, and really nurture your mental well-being as a result. There are a lot of things you can do on your own that are edifying and productive, and it is important to make sure you try to keep your mind active as much as possible. 

Set up a Man Cave

Setting up a man cave is one of the best ways of spending the lockdown experience, as this gives you a domain you can retreat to for leisure and entertainment during this tough time. There are so many wonderful ideas you can use to enhance and improve the man cave and really make the most of it. For instance, looking at this guide to the best man cave bar stools is a great way of sourcing furniture for your man cave and adding more of a personal touch. 

Working from Home

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that play a role in this, and you have to do as much as possible to work on making the most of this moving forward. One of the key things you need to work on getting right is how much you can work on making this time count for you. These are some of the key hacks that you need to work on right now, and it is important to focus on taking this to the next level right now. 

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