Saving The Environment One Car At A Time

Saving The Environment One Car At A Time

It is not uncommon to find the local salvage yard filled with different car models. While this may seem like a waste, an extensive process goes into ensuring that whenever possible, all 30,000 parts of each car are put to the best use. 

So don’t be so worried about the environment when you sell your car for scraps. As you will see in this infographic below, lots of junkyards are protecting the environment by making sure that they recycle as many car parts as possible. Parts like the battery, electronics, glass, plastics, rubber, fabric, steel and aluminum, can and will be used in other ways, such as being turned into fuel for cement production and asphalt. This means that none of those components will get to the landfill, significantly reducing the amount of waste that ends up there. Considering how long it takes some of these components to degrade, that is very positive. 

Aside from making extra cash for yourself, you will be doing the environment a big favor by selling your old car to a junkyard. By helping to reduce landfill waste harmful greenhouse gases are lowered, as are the levels of additional pollutants and chemicals released into the surrounding land and bodies of water.

Whichever way you look at it taking your car to the junkyard is a win-win situation. But to fully understand what goes into it, you will need some vital information, all of which can be found in the infographic.

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A Millennial Homeowner’s Guide When It Comes to Common Household Issues

Millennials are today’s largest number of consumers. Both older and younger millennials managed to beat other generations when it comes to home buying. Most millennials are first-time home buyers and many are still navigating how the whole homeownership works. The reason behind this is that owning a house is a lot different from renting.

Now that you are a homeowner, you are left to fend for everything you might need, including home upkeep and maintenance. Are you having trouble getting rid of that musty smell in your new home? Is your yard in great need of a makeover? Maybe you are worried about how you can afford your next home renovation or maintenance project? The following are just some of the best ways to deal with such issues.

Getting Rid of Bad Smells in Your Home

Your garbage bin and garbage disposal are not the only places where that unpleasant smell could be coming from. Even if you buy abrand-newhouse, it can house than the unwanted smell and your job is to investigate where that bad odor is coming from.Somecommon causes of bad smells are as follows.

Mold. Most people associate mold with a musty odor. But in reality, mold can be different odor depending on the type. Some molds have a sweeter smell while some have that earthy smell. Some mold smells like rotten meat, fermenting alcohol, or even cat urine. If you are not sure where the moldy odor comes from, consult the pros to find the source. They can do professionalmold removal serviceson your behalf.

Dried-out P-trap. Is what youare smellingresembles a raw sewage smell? Then a dried out P-trap could be the culprit. You must use all the drains inside your home to create a blockage in your piping’s P-section. If, you tried running water in your drain but the bad, stinky smell still won’t go away, it is time that you call a local plumber for help.

The Smell of Sulfur. Some people smell sulfur smell like rotten eggs. If this resembles that odor you often have in your home, it is crucial that you rectify the issue asap. This is since there can be three reasons for a rotten egg smell and these are electrical issues, old anode run, or a serious gas leak. If your gas company confirms there is no gas leak and a plumber claims your anode rod is still in good condition, then it is time you call an electrician to diagnose the issue.

Fixing an Ugly Yard

As many real homeowners and real estate experts say, ugly yards should be a crime. Your yard is among the first things people will see in your home. It can boost your curb appeal or drag your home value down. Even if you are a first-time homeowner, it becomes a must that you take care of your yard.

You may not be here to impress your loved ones or neighbors, but a beautiful yard will always be a worthy investment for your home. You and your family would want to spend more time outdoors if you have a beautiful yard to relax in. Maintaining a yard is also good for the environment since it encourages wildlife to thrive. Don’t forget about thehealth benefits landscaping haveto offer.

You can start bydeclutteringyour yard and getting rid of anything that does not belong in the yard. Get rid of overgrown weeds, mow your lawn, and mulch your garden. You have the option to choose which pesticide to use, but you can always go for an all-natural solution to get rid of lawn pests. If you have no time to fix or maintain your yard, there are landscaping services you can take advantage of.

Preparing for a Home Maintenance or Renovation

Home maintenance is no joke. If you don’t tackle regular maintenance tasks, then your home will deteriorate faster. You can end having to pay for bigger and more expensive repairs. The same goes for a renovation. Some will require you to hire contractors to make sure the project goes smoothly.

All homeowners need to make it a point to prepare for home maintenance and possible renovations. You don’t want to end up using all your savings just topay for repairs and renovations. Homeowners should also prioritize saving up for a home maintenance emergency fund. This is since most millennial homeowners chose fixer-uppers instead ofbrand-newhouses. Save a portion of your income to cover for future home repairs and you will be better prepared in case your home needs a few maintenance tasks, a minor repair, or even a major renovation.

Now that you are a homeowner, every decision will fall into your hands. It is time to step up your game and better prepare yourself for any household issues you may encounter in the future. For best results, save up enough emergency funds for renovations and repairs, know what to do in case you encounter bad smells, and be sure to give your yard some TLC.

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