Cut The Time It Takes To Care For Your Garden

We all want to make sure our garden doesn’t reflect too badly on our home. As such, taking care of the essential garden maintenance should always be a concern if you got plenty of greenery to care for. However, if you’re not the most green-thumbed of people, it’s easy to get frustrated with how much time you can end up spending out there. For that reason, we’re looking at ways you can make sure your garden gets the care it needs without you having to spend as much time out there.

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Split your schedule up

If you leave everything too long, there will be a greater sense of urgency about having to do more. Do a little bit twice a week and you will find you have fewer of those long gardening days. Find out the basics of garden maintenance, then create a routine for the month, giving yourself fewer tasks to do each time you get out there, but get out there more regularly.

Know when to tackle weeds

Weeds are going to be one of the most persistent and time-consuming problems in any garden. If you really want to get rid of them, the recommendation is to dig them right out at the roots, but not everyone is going to do that. Aside from using natural weedkiller to help diminish them, pluck them out of the soil after it rains and when it’s moist to make it easier to pull them.

Use more efficient tools

Good equipment makes all the difference. There’s nothing wrong with a motor-powered lawnmower if you’re simply looking to get the job of cutting your grass done. However, a good string trimmer can do that, as well as helping cut back bushes and overgrown plants all while standing. Check it out and see if it can’t help you. Good multitasking tools can help you get your gardening over and done with much more quickly.

Plant sensibly

Does your gardening routine see you going from one end of the property to the other to reach those plants that need the most care? If that’s the case, it might just be poor planning that’s getting in your way more than anything. Space-effective planting, such as grouping plants near to the home can help make it much more efficient. Take a look at how to group your plants effectively.

Know when to prune

If you have trees in the garden, check to see if they’re evergreens. Trees like yew will grow continuously for months and then stop growing usually towards the middle of fall. Get to know when your trees stop growing and then take the time to prune them. If you prune them too early, their growth cycle won’t have finished yet and, as a result, you’ll have to prune them again before too long.

To end up with a good-looking garden, you do need to spend some time out there. However, with the tips above you can at least make sure entire days aren’t going by out there.

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