Product Defects Will Harm Your Business More Than Ever Before, And Here’s Why

A defective product will obviously damage your business in a variety of ways. There’s nothing complicated about this, it makes perfect sense. Customers expect your products to work, so they’re unhappy when they don’t. This can lead to lots of refunds and plenty of apology emails as you desperately attempt to cling to customers. 

In current times, small businesses will be harmed by product defects more than ever before. This doesn’t mean there are more defective products than ever before, it means the damage they cause will be greater. Why? When you think about it, there are a few simple reasons…

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Most products already exist

Every year, thousands of products are launched into the market. Realistically, most of these products are not brand new. Take smartphones, for example. A new smartphone is released by every big manufacturer every single year. But, the technology for the devices already exists, it’s just a case of tweaking the features. Thus, there’s no real excuse for a product having defects if one very similar to it already exists. Back in the day, you saw lots of brand new inventions and products hitting the market. As such, you could accept some minor defects as these products had never been seen before. Now, people expect the very best as a lot of your items are already on the market – especially if you’re releasing a newer version of an existing product!

It’s like completing a video game – the first time you do it, it’s tough and you make a lot of mistakes. The next time you go through it, you make fewer mistakes and improve. Even when you play a similar game, you don’t make as many mistakes as you use your previous experiences to help you. The same goes for manufacturing – the more you do it, the more examples you have to look at, the easier it should be to avoid errors. 

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Technology has advanced

Secondly, modern manufacturing and engineering tech are far better than it ever has been. Look at companies like Stamping Simulation to illustrate this point. They use forming simulation technology to see how things are formed before they’re made. This prevents defects from happening as you can spot them before the product has been manufactured. It’s a similar story for other technologies as well – they have made manufacturing more accurate than it used to be. 

Consequently, there’s no room for error from your business. Consumers know that you have lots of great tech at your disposal. So, it looks really bad when you release a product that doesn’t work or has major problems. Either you didn’t use the latest technology or you rushed the manufacturing process. Regardless, it makes your business look really unprofessional. 

It’s clear that modern businesses are under more scrutiny than ones in the past. This is simply because there is so much technology and so many products out there. The standard is so high, and you can’t afford to let it drop. In the past, a defect may lead to a complaint, and that was it. Now, it can cause people to never buy anything from you ever again!

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