Ready To Try Minimalism?

The concept of minimalism often refers to the idea that ‘less is more.’ 

But it has a deeper meaning at the base of it all. This is about making a conscious decision, reducing clutter, and only having essentials. Placing items in a space in a specific way to focus and amplify them. It has also been said that minimalism in the home can offer us less mental clarity too, as it only allows you to concentrate on what is right in front of you. 

In the early days, you might consider minimalism complicated. Because it can feel limited, but it actually doesn’t have to be that way. You can create a minimalist design with ease. 

One of the first things that you will do is declutter the room that you intend to have more minimal. 

Donating, selling, or throwing things in the trash that you just don’t need to use or not.

When it comes to minimalism in interior design, there are a few simple theories.

Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

Function over form

When you are moving to more minimalist interior design, this has to be done with a function at the forefront of your mind. Making your space functional and easy to use should be the first step. This means investing in smart storage, getting rid of things that don’t really add any value to the room.

Design Points

Details will count more in a minimalist interior than you might think. Because there is less ‘stuff’ in general, people are free to really absorb intricate details of the furniture that you do choose. 

Everything in sight from your couch to your carpet should convey a message. For example, if you find joy in grey and yellow, try to incorporate that in the colours. If you find that hammered metals and luxury velvet cushions make you happy, then work with those. It is always prudent to opt for quality items when you have less in your home. So when you are looking for high-quality carpets, you go to somewhere like Carpet To Go, and if you have blinds fitted, you go to a specialist for that. Quality counts.


Most minimalist interiors will have white or cream as a base because they bring a lot of light and air into a room. They also look visually pleasing. And can accommodate a wide range of other color pallets. 

Minimalism really means order, and this rings true for the color palette too. If you have unconnected colors in your rooms, it will create some visual clutter, which is harmful. In fact, visual clutter can be as toxic as physical clutter.

Choose a color that makes you feel happy and inspire some sort of emotion. Much of the colour palette that you choose will be dependent on the style of the room. For an office, you might want something that is creatively charged and bright, for a bedroom something more relaxing like blue or green.


Don’t be afraid to add your personality in terms of artwork and sculptures. They will often be able to stand alone because they have less clutter detracting from them. Which makes them more eye-catching, and in an even better investment.

Minimalism is about simplicity. Making sure that everything has a purpose, choosing death with it is relevant to you, and even simplifying your storage to make sure it’s easy to maintain.

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