6 Ways Local Governments Can Reduce the Risk of Nighttime Driving

In 2018, of the total 8,809 crash incidents recorded by Philippine traffic agencies,4,090 occurred at night. This means that even with less vehicles on the road, driving at night is inherently more dangerous than driving at any other time of the day.

Half of the solution is being an alert and educated driver, and the other half is having well-placed, well-maintained road implements. Look at these solutions to reduce nighttime road accidents.

Install reflective road markers

Using reflective road paint to indicate road markers is perhaps the most economical and most effective way to prevent road crashes at night. This solution effectively illuminates obstacles on the road such as guard railings, lamp posts, and pedestrian lanes, as well as longitudinal markers such as traffic lanes, stop and warning lines, and no passing zones.

What’s more, reflective paint works in harsh weather conditions too. Objects coated I this type of paint stay visible whenever a beam of light shines on them.

Enforce guided traffic schemes

If you’re neighborhood or vicinity is a hotspot for car crashes at night, then you might need to request the local government to implement stricter traffic rules or special traffic schemes past a certain hour.

Impose one-way schemes or no-entry zones in streets with insufficient street lamps or stricter speed limits so cars will proceed with greater caution.

Put up necessary road signage

To complement changes in traffic schemes, proper road signage should be erected so drivers are constantly reminded of them. These signs should also be reflective to more quickly catch a motorist’s attention.

Renovate the road’s structure

Roadway engineering- that is, the road’s shape and formation-can also contribute to preventing road accidents at night. For example, a road’s edge can be sloped better to help drifting vehicles reenter the road safely. Road curbs can also be curved more to diminish blind spots when entering and exiting a street at night.

Other roadway engineering solutions that local governments can implement include constructing pedestrian islands, rumble strips, and additional speed bumps to control a vehicle’s acceleration.

Put up more street lamps

It might be costly, but the benefits of adding more street lamps far outweigh the risks of a poorly-lit street. This is because street lamps do more than just illuminate road obstructions and pedestrians. By improving the ambient illumination on the road, night drivers experience less glare from vehicle headlights.

Moreover, the psychological assurance that the added illumination provides is also vital. A brighter neighborhood reduces the chances of crimes taking place, leading to people feeling safer in their cars and perhaps not in such a rush to get out of the area.

Request more police presence

When considering crime or road mishaps, one cannot overlook the contribution of increased police presence in an area. At night, authorities can also act as patrol guards or traffic aides to man checkpoints, remind drivers of traffic rules, catch and reprimand drunk drivers, and even respond to road accidents.

Even when driving at night, prevention is still the best cure. Double up on the necessary preparations, and ensure that you’re as alert and attentive as you can be.

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How Vulnerability Makes Your Business Stronger

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Businesses, especially startups, have lots of traps to sidestep on their way to being successful. So, the idea that weaknesses are strengths may seem illogical. The trick is to limit the damage, not embrace the company’s weak spots.

There’s no doubt that bold and confident businesses are more productive. However, you may not fall into this category, and that’s fine. Yes, there will be turmoil, and it may appear as if the odds aren’t stacked in your favor, but remember that every cloud has a silver lining.

Here are the four main ones for entrepreneurs whose organizations have several vulnerabilities.

You Will Outsource

Understanding that you are infallible is an integral part of the money-making process. Too many leaders assume that they know everything and shouldn’t listen to the opinions of others. And, some are arrogant enough to believe that their idea is foolproof. In reality, it’s essential to outsource to cover the inevitable gaps in your knowledge. Bopprelawfirm.com says that crafting a contract is a vital part of running a business, and you’re not going to know the intricacies without a law background. The same goes for everything from marketing to customer services and accounting.

When you are vulnerable, you’re happy to collaborate to cut costs and improve your standards.

It Helps You To Focus

Imagine this scenario from 15five.com. At the end of the year, or halfway through it, you conduct a performance review for the entire company. After analyzing it, you find that while there are a few pitfalls, it’s mostly positive. What do you concentrate on as a result of this report? The answer is that you focus on the good stuff and dismiss the bad. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much room for growth, and it lures you into a false sense of security.

Even if you don’t feel vulnerable, acting as if you are will encourage you to spot the areas where you can be better.

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It Will Bring The Team Closer Together

There is no room for people who won’t pull their weight when the future of the company is in doubt. From an employee perspective, this is bound to have a positive impact on their work ethic because they’ll see managers, directors, and even CEOs working hard to aid the business. Potential.com states that teamwork is essential as it motivates people to perform to a high level, yet it’s pointless if there are groups that appear immune.

Vulnerability is a great equalizer as it forces everybody to pitch in and do the dirty jobs.

You’ll Develop A Healthy Attitude

Being vulnerable is something that you’ll never forget. If anything, it will permeate into your actions and decision-making process. Even when it’s over, you’ll perform tasks as if previous situations are around the corner again. You may not enjoy the idea of always being in battle mode, but it sharpens your skills and helps to develop a healthy attitude.

As a company who’s been vulnerable before, you’re more likely to be humble and keep your feet on the ground.

Isn’t that something you would like to say about your business?

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Improving Processes In Your Supply Chain

If there is one thing that is complex in a business it’s the supply chain. They are a constant target for uncertainty and risk, and with the demands of customers changing constantly, businesses have to be able to keep up. The strain that the complex supply chain needs put on a business is immense. The lack of collaboration across the same supply chain can impact the critical decisions that are made to improve the supply chain process.

So, it’s getting more and more important that the supply chain in your company has to keep pace with the customer demands. This is the biggest issue in most supply chains, which is why some businesses turn to a Rapid Tooling Production Facility for help. You need to do what you can to improve your supply chain and we have some tips for you to overcome these challenges. Let’s take a look!

Selective Focus Photoraphy of Chains during Golden Hour

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  • Where possible, you have to try to predict the demand that is going to come by your business. You can’t predict the future but you can forecast based on previous results. You have to prepare for the surges that happen in customer demands and for the periods that slow down. This allows you to tackle the market and keep your existing customers happy. 
  • One of the best ways to improve your supply chain is in LEAN practices. You can keep the supply chain going and enhance innovation but only when you focus on ensuring that your supply chain is efficient. It’s important to make improvements so that you can streamline your work to minimize waste.
  • One of the most important parts of your supply chain is in transportation. You need to use the right scales to keep track of how much and how many products are transported at once. You have to search for a carrier who can give you the best options possible. There are a lot of smaller carriers that offer savings on more than one shipment and assessing a range of carriers will help you to make the best choice.
  • For a smooth-functioning supply chain, you need to look at inventory and track and manage that inventory. If you don’t have a way to see – in real time – any potential shortages, you are going to have trouble relaying information about any issues or blocks in the supply chain. Instead, you need to have real-time visibility to prevent this from happening. If you have the ability to adapt to the changes in the supply chain, you’re going to be able to manage any shipping delays and competitor launches.
  • If you ensure that you have standardized processes in your supply chain, you’re going to find more success than ever. You can increase efficiency and save both time and money, ensuring that you can increase the accuracy of it all while boosting teamwork and avoiding miscommunications. 

If you improve your supply chain, you’re going to have a better time ensuring that customers are happy and suppliers are well managed.

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