Launching An Online DIY Store

Everything is online now. In fact, many people will source tools and wires for more significant projects online too. The bottom line is it is cheaper all around, atypically faster. Although there will always be a place for putting your boots on and walking around a DIY store that smells like wood and paint, it is easier to order in bulk online. But when you are thinking about opening a DIY store online, there are a few things you might want to think about. 

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Your store is online, which cuts down on a lot of costs already, but you’re still going to need plenty of storage. You’ll need somewhere to store all of your stock. Most of the time, a garage will do – depending on what you are doing and the levels of stock you intend to sell. Of course, over time you’ll likely expand, and in doing so, you’ll need higher stock levels and more storage – but for the meantime factor space into the cost. 

Supplies and Kits

Depending on what you are going to be selling, it will mean you might need to have some suppliers lined up. There is always the opportunity to have your own tools and wires created, but you need rapid prototyping and probably need to buy in bulk. You need to provide, at a minimum, the basics that every tool she would need. Or, if you decide to be specialized, then that is great – but remember that buyers come in all budgets. So you’ll need to have a basic range right up to a high-end (which you can order at a moments notice should anyone order one). 

When it comes to kits, people aren’t always savvy with everything they need. So if you can put kits together like – replacing a door frame, beginners plumbing kits, essential tools kit… you get the idea. Easy kits that people can purchase and have everything from the screws to the right putty. 


Part of the reason so many people head to a DIY store is for information on the project they are undertaking. But you can jump the gun and prepare some blog posts that cover a range of topics. Think about the most common things people are looking for and answer those questions. 

  • What color should grout be?
  • What’s the best way to clean paint brushes?
  • Can I repair bricks and pointing myself?
  • How do you bleed radiators?
  • How to fix a faulty lightswitch
  • The quickest way to clean clogged outdoor pipes
  • How to unclog a toilet


If you are thinking about opening a DIY store, the chances are not only do you have a lot of experience personally but you probably also know a lot of people who might be classed as experts in their field. Along with the instructions and general questions and articles you should have, consider having some videos. Where the experts give recommendations about tools (that you stock), and how to complete a job at home. 

People are more likely to buy from other people who they consider an expert in their field

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