Keeping Up The Curb Appeal Of Your Business Property

It’s the first thing that your clients see, and therefore, first impressions count. We often spend so much of our focus on the interiors of the property, but what about the outside? Here’s how you can improve the curb appeal of your business.

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Show Off Your Brand

There’s nothing like making a statement, and when it comes to your company’s business property, you want to show others who you are. When someone is passing by, it’s important to show them who owns the building or what company lives there. So show off your brand image or logo and style it, so it shows off loud and proud. Whether that’s stencilled onto the door or fixed onto the side of the wall. Your property needs to be spotted from a distance, and it’s a good sign when everyone can find your building, instead of ringing your reception, having no clue where you are.

Fix What’s Broken

Broken outdoor fixtures and furniture is only going to create a bad impression, and it also shows a lack of respect for your own property. So take the time to spend fixing anything like the commercial awnings, that might be broken or looking a little worn. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the windows or walls may be needed where necessary, every so often. This might be a job for the operations or building manager to keep an eye on to ensure that everything looks presentable when office hours commence. 

Add Some Colour

Colour is a great way to attract attention, and whether it’s the way you dress the building or through the branding you display, colour draws the eye. Think about your brand colours and how you could display them on the building in a stylish manner to keep within your brand’s image. Perhaps you can spill some of this colour onto the paving outside your front door if it’s allowed?

Let Nature Blossom

Nature can really transform a space, and if you have the ability to plant some nature outdoors, then it’s worth doing it and contributing positively to the environment. Consider planting some trees if you have lots of space, or if the business property is fairly small, utilise the windows with some hanging baskets. Potted plants by the front door of the reception look very pretty, and during the summer, floral arches are a luxurious way to show off. Be sure to keep this outdoor nature tidy though by getting any shrubbery pruned regularly and keep on top of the gardening aspect.

Light It Up

Need a bit of lighting to illuminate what can be a dull space? Then why not invest in some LED lighting to emphasise the structure of your building or to light the pathway to your entrance. A lot of dramatic effects can be created through light, so it’s certainly worth trying out. 

Taking time to improve your curb appeal will certainly create a lasting impression to every client for guest that walks through your doors. So use these tips and transform your outdoor space right now!

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