Things To Consider When Buying An Office Space

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So you and your business are growing (and you’re best pleased)! There’s plenty to consider in running a business whether you are just starting out or in full-swing development stages. There’s your branding, your staff, your budget and your vision. Many companies these days begin as a remote operation yet before long (depending on their needs) many find themselves requiring a premise to keep developing further. There are many choices to be made and things to consider at this stage.

To buy or to rent?

Whether you opt for buying or renting a business space, this will really depend on what your current requirements are and your current budget. Many believe that buying is the better option because this is more of a long-term investment. Renting often feels more temporary and does not allow you to make any money back (while you’re essentially just paying someone else’s mortgage each month). Of course, you and your business may not be in a position to buy currently. Renting is valuable because you are making less of a commitment and not taking on so much pressure. If your business is in the early development stages, you might welcome the idea of having less pressure here from the get-go.

Regardless, if you are looking to buy or rent you’ll probably want to get some electrical installation contractors in to test the electronics of the space (for health and safety purposes). Companies like Caslec Industries Pty Ltd are worth a look regarding these kinds of services. It’s a great idea to get contractors like this to audit your electronic systems regularly to make sure all is safe and sound and that there aren’t going to be any problems that infer with the day-to-day running of your business!

The practicalities

Once you’ve established whether you are going to buy or rent, you’ll want to think about the general day-to-day practicalities. Ensure that you think about the location of the office to ensure that it’s going to be convenient for both you and your employee’s needs. For instance, is it in a convenient location to get to? Are there public transport links nearby? Or, if most of your employee’s drive- is there enough parking? You will also need to think about the space that you need. Is your company suited to an open plan space or not? Do you need a kitchen? The best thing to do is to make some notes of what your needs are and to assess the pros and cons of each place you see. Ensure that you decide on some ‘must-haves’ at the beginning to make sure that you aren’t going to be compromising too much on anything that is important to you.


As well as deciding on a suitable space you will need to decide on which kind of equipment you will use? The best thing to do is to work out what your budget is and how much you need? If you’re looking to save money initially, you can start by enabling bring your own device policies whereby your staff can bring their own personal laptops and other devices to use in the office.

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