5 Reasons Why a Career in the Armed Forces Could be Perfect For You

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Thinking about what you want to do for a job can be a tricky thing to decide upon, as there are just so many career options out there, and an endless list of job titles. You may be wondering whether to go to college, travel the world, or to start working and earning money straight away; you may not have realized that you can actually do all of these things at the same time.

One job that you may have never considered before is a career in the armed forces. Did you know that by joining the United States Military you will be working for the Department of Defense, which is, in fact, one of the world’s biggest employers?

Aside from the benefits that come from working in a large government organization, there are many other reasons why a career in the military could be right for you. Read on to find out more…

A Wide Choice of Roles

A career in the US military provides a vast array of opportunities, as many of the roles that civilians do, are also available in the services too, offering endless chances to find a position that you love.

There are plenty of branches of the military to choose from; Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. Within each of these branches, there is a vast choice of roles available and chances to progress your career.

If you immediately associate being in the armed forces with serving on the front line, you will be surprised to hear about all the other types of career available. From medics to engineers, mechanics to chefs, all of these roles also form a vital part of the armed forces. Many other desk job positions are also available, so the career possibilities really are endless and far-reaching.

A Worthwhile Job

If you are after a career that brings you a sense of purpose, then a military career could be ideal for you. Doing a job that matters and is able to help others all while representing your country can bring a massive sense of pride.

Service personnel are held in high esteem by society; you only need to think of war veterans to see this demonstrated. Think about How Many WW2 Veterans are Still Alive? And how important they are considered to be, as well as how their service helped shape the future of the country and each of our lives.

Skills That Will Last a Lifetime

As the armed forces require so many skilled personnel, it provides an excellent opportunity to learn a trade that you will be able to use in the future when you leave the services. This enables you to learn skills such as engineering and mechanics while you are earning money serving your country that will last you for a lifetime.

Aside from practical hands-on skills, a number of essential transferable skills will be learnt when serving. The types of skills that you will learn include teamwork, time management, leadership, staying calm under pressure and many more. These skills will be a valuable asset not only in your personal life but also when you leave the military too. Whether you decide to seek an employed position or run your own business once your military career ends, you will find that your skill set is in high demand, and your experience of being in the services benefits you.

Signing up to join the armed forces does not need to mean waving goodbye to your studies. In fact, you may find that you have even more opportunity to study as a result of signing up. This is because It is possible to get the best of everything and to leave school, sign up, and attend college at the same time. The great thing about studying while you are also in the services is that you can keep on earning money, while at the same time furthering your education and working toward your degree.

As an added bonus, the armed forces often cover the cost of your college education too, either wholly, or in part, which is ideal if college wasn’t an option for you previously due to financial circumstances. You will need to check with the specific branch of the armed services that you intend to join in order to find out what percentage of your study costs they will be prepared to pay.

Travel the World

If you have often dreamed of traveling the world, but never had the opportunity to do it, then joining the armed services could be your chance. The US Armed Services have bases all over the world, meaning that you could visit countries that you would never have imagined visiting previously.

If you love the idea of meeting new people, visiting different countries and discovering new things, you will find that a military career could help to provide this.

Be Part of Something

Joining the armed forces brings with it a rare kind of camaraderie that is not found in other careers. It is a unique career that sees new recruits forming bonds as they are continually training together and living together. A military career typically comes with housing provided for you. Unmarried service personnel without families are usually housed on the military base and have their food and board provided for them.

If you have a family of your own, suitable housing will be provided on the base for you. The type of accommodation you receive depends on your rank. Life on the base offers a community feel, where you will usually find all the amenities that you need within the base. Libraries, schools, shops and other facilities are typically found on the base, making it a community in its own right.

Of course, life in the armed services brings with it many changes, one of the most obvious ones being the fact that you will move location frequently. When you change locations, the armed services cover the cost of relocation for you and your family.

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