Getting A Grip On The Problem With Generalized Job Searches

You wouldn’t be alone if you automatically turned towards big-name agencies when hiring for your business. These are popular companies everyone knows, and there are certain benefits to using them. These agencies are the best chance you stand at reaching as many people as possible in a short period.

But, you know what they say; quality rather than quantity. The sad fact is that the most significant agencies don’t ensure you the best staff. Forever turning to them could even make employment harder. That’s not ideal at a time which is already filled with stress and pressure. Instead, you should aim to make life easier. But, here are a few reasons why top agencies might not be the best way to do that.

Employment takes longer

While more applicants seem like a plus, it means employment takes you a lot longer than it might otherwise. That’s because you’ll fall foul to something of a needle in a haystack effect. Sure, you’ll receive a considerable deal more applications this way than you might elsewhere. But, you’ll also find that the quality of most of these applicants isn’t up to scratch. As such, you’ll have to sort through each one in the hope of finding the ideal person. Worse, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find them in the end. Instead, you may need to keep that job posting open for longer. That means taking even more time out and spending more to keep yourself at the top of listings. All of which you could avoid by opting for a smaller or more specialized service.

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Applicants are less qualified

General job agencies and searches do what they say on the tin. They target job advertisements towards the masses. That means you’re going to get a lot of unqualified applicants. If you’re looking for someone with experience, that’s a problem. It also makes it far less likely that you’re going to end up with a quality team behind you. By doing your research instead of taking the easy route, you’ll find that many smaller agencies specialize in specific industries. There are options out there for filling everything you could imagine from trained accounting positions to temp driving jobs. Even a week of advertising with agencies like these should turn up endless qualified applicants. That’s compared to the zero that larger agency might offer.

You’re competing with the masses

While more job seekers are using large agencies, there are also more companies. This is somewhere any business is liable to post. As such, every posting you place here will be competing with hundreds of others. That could see you not even getting the attention you were hoping for. You may have to remove your listing with little more than a trickle of applicants. But, as you may have guessed, a smaller or more specialized agency is liable to have far fewer companies on their books. That should mean more applicants for you, even though fewer people are using the agency on the whole.

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