3 Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Health

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When you think of “improving your health,” there are likely a few core concepts that jump straight to mind.

First and foremost, everyone knows that in order to be healthy it’s important to get plenty of exercise. So, that might mean regular treadmill sessions at the gym, laps in the swimming pool, and a commitment to cycling to work instead of driving.

Then, it’s also pretty common knowledge that eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg is essential for maintaining optimal health, so in your mission to be a healthier you will inevitably include things like tailored meal plans, and green smoothies, and “an apple a day.”

All of that stuff is great – essential, even – but there are also some lesser-known and more unconventional ways you can go about improving your health.

Here are a few of those ways.


  • Get genetically tested for disease susceptibility


Not everyone is equally as susceptible to every health condition. Some people have certain genetic predispositions to diseases that you can’t determine through a regular checkup.

In some cases, these genetic predispositions will vary according to race and ethnicity, but sometimes they will be all your own, and there will be nothing obvious to suggest that you are in a higher risk band.

In order to detect and counteract any of these unfortunate conditions, you could consider getting genetically tested for disease susceptibility.

A researcher using a chip SEQ kit might be able to help you out here, and various commercial companies offer genetic screening for various diseases.

Of course, you should be careful who you release your genetic data to, and shouldn’t expect  that every disease can be detected through such a procedure. But it’s something to consider, anyway.


  • Practice breathing exercises


Breathing is easy, right? We all do it automatically, from birth, and that’s just all there is to it.

In fact, though, there are certain health and fitness gurus who argue that there is more to the art of breathing than that.

The medical marvel and daredevil, Wim Hof, for example, uses a specific breathing exercise in order to allow him to withstand incredible degrees of cold, and also to take conscious control of his immune system. That sounds like nonsense, but there are actually studies that have been done on him by reputable institutions that confirm it.

There are a lot of different types of breathing exercises out there. It may be worth investigating a few of them on your quest to boost your health.


  • Go for periods of time without eating


All right, so this is slightly dangerous advice, and of course it’s important to mention that you shouldn’t take it too far.

Nonetheless, there is ample research suggesting that occasional (not excessive) fasting – as in, going without food for set periods of time – can work wonders for your health.

Among other things, fasting helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and engages a process in your body known as “autophagy.”

Autophagy is, simply, a “recycling” process, where your body breaks down and consumes damaged cellular tissue, and regenerates new, healthier cells.

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Are You Ready To Launch Your Digital Business from Home?

If you have been thinking about owning your own online business for a while, you will need to know that it can be a bumpy road, and you cannot expect results immediately. Instead of just doing what others are doing, you will have to come up with a strategy that is similar to the one you would create if you were to launch a brick-and-mortar business. Below you will find a few tips to increase your chances for success.

Improve Your Skills

There are certain skills entrepreneurs need to succeed. The first one is more like an attitude; self-discipline. You will need to focus on making the most out of your time, so managing your calendar and prioritizing your tasks is going to go a long way. You should make the most out of your existing skills and focus on the development areas; take responsibility for your own personal development.

Enroll In a Course

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If you have been working for an employer for a long time, you will need to change your attitude and become an entrepreneur. You will have to take responsibility for your own learning, and this means that you might need to enroll in a college course to get an IT qualification that will make you more effective in creating content or building websites. After all, you will have a limited budget, and every cent you save will help you invest more in your business.

Consider Affiliate Marketing If You Are Just Starting Up

When you are starting a digital business, chances are that you will not have a product or service yet. This doesn’t mean that you cannot make money, though. You can start affiliate marketing on a zero budget, provided that you can generate enough traffic to get conversions. After all, you should first get to know the industry and avoid investing a lot of money into developing your own product or service.

Create an Action Plan

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If you would like to succeed in affiliate marketing, it is important that you create an action plan that will help you stay focused on the end goal; profits. You should identify the steps you have to take to make it work for you; not enough traffic will kill your business, and offers that don’t convert will kill your profits. Consider building a sales funnel that will automate most of your marketing processes.

Set a Target for Everything

If you want to manage working from home, you will need to develop a high sense of responsibility and discipline. Track your productivity throughout the day, and make sure that you are able to optimize it through implementing technology and marketing automation. After all, you are not setting up a business to sit in front of the laptop 24/7.

In case you have been itching to get started and build your own business from home, you will need to consider investing in your skills and personal developments, and create a detailed plan of action.

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