Don’t Make These Mistakes When Hiring For Your Business

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Finding the wrong candidate for the job is worse than having nobody to fill your vacant position at all. Not only will you have wasted your time and their time within the hiring process, but considering the cost of hiring an employee, you will have wasted money too! Therefore, you need to get it right at the hiring stage, and to do this, you want to consider the following mistakes made by many an employer, and AVOID THEM!!

Mistake #1: Filling the position quickly

When going through the hiring process, you need to take your time. Sure, you might need an employee, and you might need them NOW, but you might make the wrong decision if you hurry along proceedings. You could always hire a temp or outsource to a virtual assistant in the meantime, as this will give you time to prepare for the vacant position effectively. And by prepare, we mean creating a job description, working on your job ad, and spending time advertising your position in as many places as possible. If you rush through any of these processes, you might end up with the wrong person for the job.

Mistake #2: Posting your job ads in the same places

When advertising your vacancy, you need to cast a wider net to give you the bigger pick of candidates. Sure, it might mean having to wade through more resumes than you know what to do with, but more choice means more scope for a better employee. So, don’t stick to newspaper ads or the usual job websites you visit. Advertise on social media too, take out ads in trade magazines and websites that are applicable to your business, contact local colleges and universities, and reach out to community groups who work with the unemployed. Not only will you find the best employee this way, but you will also have resumes on file that can be dug out at a later stage when you next need to hire somebody.

Mistake #3: Using outdated processes

To speed up the process productively and efficiently, get into the 21st century. Considering everybody has a smartphone in their hands these days, you can quickly communicate with your candidates using artificial intelligence for recruiting, using text, video, and automated phone interviews instead of calling them into your building to speak to you. Though if you still want to have an in-person interview, you can also use the linked tech to interact with your candidates throughout the hiring process. Such technologies make life easier for both you and the candidate, and because you have gone hi-tech, you might also impress the more tech-savvy job seekers and improve the reputation of your brand.

Mistake #4: Neglecting the importance of references

Okay, so the candidate may have blown you away at interview stage. But what if they are very good at acting? What if the reality of their hire is different from what you imagine in your head? You need to check references from previous employers and people who know them best to get a better overall picture. And the same applies to those candidates who don’t do well at the interview. Considering how nerve-wracking it can be, they may not have presented themselves very well. However, their references may paint a very different picture as to their character and employability. So, do your homework before coming to a final decision!

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