Technology And The Workplace


In the last few decades, we have all seen technology creep into every part of our lives, and the workplace is no different. Whether you run a business or are just an employee, you should always be looking for ways to make the most of tech in your role. This could cover a broad range of areas and so we are going to take a look at some of the way the digital landscape could be beneficial to you.


There is an old saying that it is better to work smarter rather than harder, it can be used as a joke but when it comes to productivity it is actually a good philosophy. The reason for that is the smarter your working environment is, the more likely it is that you are going to produce better more efficient work. And that is where technology comes in, through the use of a variety of applications and software you will be able to improve productivity across your workforce and personally. Now, that could be through cloud computing software like Vertex or apps that are designed specifically for the workplace.


  • Project Management


One of the areas of work that has been boosted exponentially by technology is project management. Through apps that have been designed specifically to assist your team with getting results with their respective projects, you can manage tasks through a single portal that is accessible by anyone you give permissions to. This means that team leaders and managers can have complete control over their team’s workload from a remote location thanks to apps like Todoist and Asana.


  • Communications


If there is one thing that gets in the way of productivity it is the role communications plays in our workforce. While email has been a time-saver compared to the more traditional methods, it can still slow down the process of getting a task complete. Likewise the endless meetings and telephone calls that have become a regular fixture in the working calendar. That is why apps like Basecamp and Microsoft Teams are so useful, it allows you to set up chat groups and instant messaging services so your teams can be in constant communications or use video chat for meetings instead of organising time away from the desk.



Another area of working life that needs to be helped by ever-evolving technology is that of security. It is fair to say that the business world has seen a range of new threats that have arisen as a result of moving towards digital working spaces. However, the answers are also through using technology and shouldn’t be ignored. The only way to be confident that you can combat the rise of cyber crime is by having a comprehensive strategy to fight against it.

The previously mentioned cloud systems can be incredibly helpful in preventing cyber crimes, but so too is just ensuring you have a strong antivirus and firewall system installed. Educating your staff in the threats that could arrive in their inbox is also an absolute must and but using combative software first and foremost is the best route to take.

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