A Few Good Reasons to Get a Boat and Spend Some Time in the Water

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We live in a pretty cool time, today. There are all sorts of interesting and exciting hobbies and pastimes available to us that the average person even a few short years ago would have had no access to at all.

Without too much trouble, assuming you have an Internet connection, you can get yourself involved in hobbies ranging from mountain climbing to tabletop gaming, to historical re-enactment, to wood-whittling, to all sorts of DIY projects, to amateur web design and blogging, and more.

The thing is, with all of this choice available, many people find themselves a bit perplexed on where to start, and end up following the path of least resistance. And the path of least resistance tends to be passively consuming media and entertainment content, ad nauseam.

There’s nothing wrong with watching some shows on Netflix, playing video games, or any of that sort of stuff. But when these pastimes make up the majority of the way you spend your free time, you may be missing out on some more fulfilling hobbies.

The academic and author Cal Newport writes in his book Digital Minimalism that in order to remain balanced, happy, and healthy, it’s important to find the time for forms of recreation that get us physically involved in the world around us. He is especially fond of “old-fashioned” pastimes, of the sort our grandparents would have been familiar with.

Fishing and boating are some of the oldest forms of recreation around – and developed directly out of lifestyles and cultural practices of the past that were necessary for survival. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, finding out about what these pastimes entail, and even sourcing replacement parts for a boat, such as via Marine Battery Guy’s boat battery reviews, is also easier than ever before.

Here are a few good reasons to get a boat and spend some time in the water.

Fishing and boating are primal, ancient pastimes

Many of us these days feel kind of disconnected and detached from the natural world around us, and the “primal” and essential elements of life. If in doubt, you only need to look at the popularity of recent movements such as the Paleo movement, and the popularity of hobbies such as historical re-enactment, to confirm this.

There’s a good argument to be made that getting “back to basics” can help us to orient ourselves in the world more productively, feel better about ourselves, and simply have a better time.

Fishing and boating – as mentioned at the start of this article – are primal, ancient pastimes. When you’re out there in a boat, on the water, you’re engaging in an activity that humans have been engaging in since at least the Mesolithic era.

Just like camping, hunting, and woodworking, engaging in this ancient pastime can help you to feel “alive” in a way that surfing the web might not.

It’s a great way of experiencing space and calm, in an increasingly packed and busy world

We live in very busy and “noisy” times. Virtually no matter where you go these days, you’re going to be “on the grid” and will be bombarded by billboards and adverts, the latest celebrity gossip, the latest world news, and the latest updates from all your friends on social media.

There’s some evidence that being constantly bombarded in this way can erode people’s psychological health and sense of well-being. The mindfulness and meditation movements are a direct reaction against this “always on” phenomenon, and serve to encourage people to take a deep breath, find a bit of stillness, and relax for a while.

Boating and fishing are excellent ways of achieving this. When you’re out there on the water, even if only on a narrow river, you have a real tangible sense of being “away from it all” and are able to relax with your own thoughts, and the gentle lapping of the water against the hull.

A boat is a great way of exploring and seeing the world in a different way, through a different lens, and at a different pace

Things just look and feel different from a boat, in a way that can be truly breathtaking in its own right.

When people go on vacation and travel to new places, they are largely looking to experience the unfamiliar, and to see the world in a new light.

Since we spend the vast majority of our time on land, getting out onto the water offers a similar experience to getting away to a new country. It’s a great way of exploring, and seeing the world in a different light, through a different lens, and also at a different pace.

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