Four Fresh Tips For A Sensational Spring Clean

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The blossoms are springing up, the birds are tweeting and the sunrises are creeping earlier…there’s no mistaking that spring, and it’s burst of new energy, is on the way. Doing a big spring clean of your home is an age-old tradition which persists for several practical reasons. Not only is it a way to freshen up after the long shut-in days of winter, but it also fits nicely with the increase in social activity most of our homes see during the summer months. We literally want to chase away our winter blues and gain a new lease on life, much like the budding nature all around us. But how best to approach such a major project?

Go Room By Room

By far the most effective approach to a big spring cleaning project is to tackle your apartment or house one room at a time. This allows you to get a really deep clean in one area before moving onto another, and the methodical approach means you don’t miss anything. Start by washing down walls, light fittings, electrical outlets and skirting boards, cleaning all the windows and hiring a carpet shampooer or mopping any wooden or tiled floors. Clean mattresses and soft furnishings using a mix of bicarbonate of soda and essential oils – scatter them on, brush them in and then vacuum up for fresh smelling textiles.

Call In The Professionals

Some jobs involve more technical knowledge or heavy chemicals, so you may want to tag in some inside help for processes such as deep cleaning your oven or local HVAC repair. That way you know you’re getting a really safe, but effective, deep clean and you won’t invalidate the warranty on any appliances you have.

Dump The Clutter

Most of us have far too many possessions that are not needed and weigh us down – as well as meaning there’s more to clean. Organising and donating unwanted items to charity is good for the environment, your space and even your mental health, as studies show clutter can damage your mental state. There could even be items you could look to sell on proved selling sites, and any money generated is a bonus. If you have a family, get them involved in helping to sort and organise items for sale and donation. When you put the items you’re keeping back, make sure you have appropriate storage options for them to keep them tidy and in great condition. Decluttering can really have a transformative effect on your life – just think of the space and freedom and the less waste of money you’ll have without all that junk weighing you down.

Don’t Forget Outside

If you’re lucky enough to have some outside space, don’t forget to include it in your spring cleaning plans. Now is the time to prepare your garden for spring, plant flowers or vegetables, even in window boxes if you have a balcony or patio area. Power wash any flags or decking and give them a good weed, clean your barbecue and any garden furniture, and sow grass seed on any patchy bits of grass. You’ll be surprised what a difference a morning of hard work can make, and then your outside space is all ready for you to enjoy when the sun begins to shine again.

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