5 Ways You Are Wasting Money At Home


Of course, you wouldn’t (we assume) waste your money purposefully. You wouldn’t throw your cash out of the window or empty the contents of your purse into your waste paper basket. You wouldn’t set fire to the paper in your pocket. But here’s the thing. Many of us waste money every day, and here are some of the reasons why.

#1: You haven’t made your home energy-efficient

Why pay more for your home’s energy when you could be paying less? Check out the article we published here at lifespace.com and find out how you can make your home more energy-efficient. Through simple practices, such as changing your daily habits around the house, through to home repairs and renovations, such as adding solar panels and underfloor heating, you can preserve the heat you use in your home and make considerable savings on your energy bills.

#2: You have unused subscriptions

There are loads of subscription packages for your television, but how many of them do you actually use? From Netflix to Amazon Prime, consider which ones you regularly use, and cancel those you rarely bother with. The same applies to the newspapers and magazines you subscribe to. Do you actually read what comes through your door? And even if you do, could you get the same information online? Think about it, and cancel what you don’t actually need.

#3: You regularly throw away spoiled food

This is something many of us are guilty of. We overfill our shopping baskets at the store and purchase far more perishable food items than we actually have time to eat. To stop doing this, use the meal planner at pinchofnom.com, and only buy those foods that pertain to what you are  actually going to cook. You might also consider shopping online, as this way, you will be less tempted to make impulse purchases on those foods that you won’t have time to use.

#4: You still haven’t used a price comparison service

It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to go online and compare prices for the services you regularly use. Not only are we talking about your utility and insurance companies, but we are referring to those sites that help you compare fuel costs, product prices, and courier services. You can compare nearly everything because as we said in our first point, why pay more when you could be paying less? Go online, or download an app on your phone, and start to make savings on what you usually pay out each month.

#5: You don’t do it yourself

There are some jobs around the home that are better left to the professionals. You should never mess with your electrics, for example, and if you don’t have a head for heights, you are better off leaving roofing jobs to the folks at roofrepairhq.com. However, think about the jobs you could do. With time and practice, you can weatherstrip your home without the aid of a professional, and you might have the skill to fix small leaks in your kitchen and bathroom. Get advice by all means, look up tutorials online, but don’t call out a handyman when you are quite capable of managing on your own.


Have you related to anything we have said in this article? Are you wasting money on a regular basis? If so, consider what we have said and start to preserve the money in your pocket instead of throwing it away. You know it makes sense!

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