Discovering Your Happiness In Life: Making “The Friend Cull”


We change. This is a given in life, we develop new goals, new approaches to our existence, but we don’t always envelop our new personality with open arms. There are so many things we hang on to, friends being one of them. And when we look at our group of friends, has it got to the point where it’s time to bid goodbye to some of them? This can be incredibly intimidating, but for so many out there, making the cull is an essential procedure. Why should we do this, and how can we do this?

The Threat Of Toxic Friendships

There’s no need to overcomplicate things, when we are in some sort of toxic relationship it negatively impacts us. That is the bottom line. But we still procrastinate, and do our best for the other person, even if they drain our resources. You could find that they talk about their problems, with no thought for yours, or you could find yourself in a social circle, with the same people, talking about the same old things, again and again, every Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes we feel we can’t escape these because we’ve known them for so long, or we’re caught in certain behaviors. Social activities, like drinking, becomes the distraction that masks our true feelings of these people. And if you get caught in a pattern, it’s very difficult to escape from. Toxic environments result in you feeling inadequate. If you feel like this, it’s time to make a break for it.

Implementing The Cull

Sometimes it’s not about being harsh and cutting someone out of your life, you could find that you’ve hit the point in your existence that you want to try new things and change your lifestyle habits. For many, discovering how to stop drinking by changing your goals to encompass exercise and a clearer mindset could be all it takes for you to realize that the people you’ve been swanning around with aren’t good for you anymore. When you have discovered that these people are bad for you, it can be stressful to implement the cull. Why? Because what if you’ve got no other friends? It’s a very natural concern, but when you weigh up the balance, what would you rather be? Alone and happy, or acquainted and miserable? When it’s someone you’ve known for a long time, it can be difficult to explicitly say that “I’m done”. And if you feel unsure if you’re about to do the right thing, all you have to do is arrange to meet up. This one meeting will likely be more than enough for you to confirm in your mind what you need to do.

If there’s one person in your life that is bad for you, it can take some time to see this. After all, we all share mutual passions and adventures in life, but after a while, these are all we have to talk about with them. And when you’ve moved on and you don’t want to hit the clubs, or talk about the same thing that happened a decade ago, making the call to cull will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

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