Investing In Our Passions, And Getting Them To Make An Investment For Us


We live in an age where we can feel our creativity get stifled. We may be in a job that demands we devote all of our time, efforts and energy to the cause. And every hour that ticks by, you’re excited about the end of the day, where you can rip that lanyard off and do what you want to do. But should we make more of a concerted effort to follow our true passions if we feel like this?

Does A Side Hustle Cure All?

You might have heard this term floating around numerous blogs, and for many people, setting up a small business on the side of what they do Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 can provide that extra income, but also that additional meaning. A side hustle is something that works on numerous levels, it gives you the opportunity to focus your creativity into something that you care about, but it also provides that positive reinforcement that you’re doing something worthwhile. This is something that so many of us need, especially when we’re feeling weighed down by The Grind. And while, for many people, it’s simply the idea of working from home put into practice, if you find something that gives you meaning, it can impact every other area of your life. You will feel that your job isn’t so bad, because there is an escape, an outlet.

Nurturing These Passions Into Something Tangible

Creating a side hustle doesn’t have to be about earning money, but it’s an extension of following your passions, and if you chase the passions, instead of the money, you will feel rich despite what your bank balance says! You may find that it’s an incredibly successful endeavor, and so you will see you that the amount of work you put into this increase, while the full-time job you’re doing during the week slowly begins to decrease. And before you know it, you’ve set up your own business! It’s something that you created with your own two hands.

Making Your Passion Pay

This is the hardest piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve got to the point where you are relying on this thing that started as a way for you to communicate your passions, it’s now essential that you work at making this viable. Technology is the key component, especially when you have got to the point that you need to branch out and actually hire people. Hunting for the best VPS (virtual private server), anti-virus software, and various items of technology have become part of the essential processes to ensure that your passion is financially viable. And from there, you see this exercise in creativity expand into such a behemoth that you can’t quite believe how much things have changed.

We have to invest in our true passions, and when we are struggling with the 9 to 5 daily grind, the creativity we put into something like a side hustle or a part-time project can ignite a spark in us we didn’t know was there. Our true passions in life can get quashed, and the necessity to earn money becomes the priority, but if we don’t invest in our true passions, how will we know if it makes an investment for us?

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