Trip Tease: How To Stop A Road Trip From Being A Dud


There is nothing better than the thought of you and your friends hitting the open road. Some people even plan trips at Thanksgiving and the holidays because they love the feeling of freedom. Sitting behind the wheel and visiting every city on the map, and ones that aren’t is a special experience.

Of course, not everybody enjoys the trip as much as others. Like all vacations, there are roadblocks which you need to bypass if you’re going to have a memorable journey. Otherwise, the thought of the trip will be better than the real-life moments and that’s just a tease.

Below you’ll find a few things to consider before starting the engine.

Choose Your Traveling Buddies Wisely

Part of the trip is figuring out how to get along with your friends for the duration. Lots of BFFs fall out and argue because being cooped up all day is too much to handle. So, it makes sense to ask people who are easy going and laid back, or who like to plan stuff. Then, you can bounce off one another and get along. Also, don’t forget about their driving skills. For one thing, do they have a license? There is nothing worse than having to hold back because you’re the designated driver.

Pool Your Money

Okay, there’s no need to take out a joint bank account, but you don’t want to have more money than your friend, either. Resentment occurs when people can’t do the things they want because they don’t have enough cash. Awkward! So, instead of splitting, you can pool both funds and drive a little further before coming home. Plus, it stops the inevitable “who paid for what?” fights that break out. Because the costs are split, there is no need to argue over money or miss out on the chance of a lifetime.

Bring A Repair Kit

Sure, there is a recovery number in the glove compartment and you’ll call it when something goes wrong. There are two problems with this plan: A) they might not arrive and B) it could take ages to find your location. Considering the majority of car issues are cosmetic, you can repair them by the side of the road with the right tools. Check out for a range of antifreeze options which will get the engine going again in the winter weather. As always, a wrench, a jack, and a spare tire are essentials. See for a full list.

Screw The Plan

There will be a plan of attack, one that you’ll try to follow to the letter. However, in the true Emma Chase spirit, it’s best to leave it behind and go with the flow. By all means, stop off at the destinations which you’ve wanted to see for a while, but don’t stress about the others. Because it’s about the things that happen in between, not the destination, stopping off in small towns and villages is where you’ll have the most fun.

Don’t you think the best type of fun is spontaneous?

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