Cars Behaving Badly: Which Models Are Most Likely To Be Caught Speeding?

You might think that the driver of a vehicle would be to blame for speeding. But it turns out that the car itself might have something to do with it too.

Imagine this: you get up in the morning and go outside to your driveway to open up your car – a Toyota Auris with a 1.3-liter engine. You sit in the driver’s’ seat, turn on the engine and take it out onto the open road. The problem with the Auris is that it takes about 15 seconds to get up to 60 mph, and during that time, you barely feel any acceleration at all. It’s not exactly thrilling.

Now suppose that you’re driving an Audi A5 or BMW. All of a sudden, driving becomes a thrill, and before you know it, you’ve broken the speed limit.

So which cars are most likely to be caught speeding? Take a look at the following vehicles which car insurer Admiral says are most likely to be breaking the law by driving too fast.

Audi A5


The Audi A5 is a popular coupe in European countries, thanks to its excellent engine-management, affordable price, and performance. But it’s also one of the cars that is most likely to be caught speeding. Popular among younger male drivers, the A5 offers considerable bang for the buck.


BMW 4 Series


According to a lawyer who understands DUI penalties, many people speed when under the influence. And that appears to be true of BMW 4 Series drivers too. The worst offending 4 Series car, according to Admiral Insurance, is the 420d. It’s not the top-of-the-range model by any means, but it’s an incredibly popular diesel variant of the ever-popular four-door saloon, and that’s why it gets caught speeding so much.

Audi Q5


The Audi Q5 was the German manufacturer’s answer to the affordable crossover coming out of Japan over the last decade. The car, popular among parents doing the school run, is one of the highest offending cars, surprisingly. Why? Well, it might have something to do with all those local speed limits around schools which change all the time. Should drivers be going 30 or 20? It’s not always clear.

Among all Q5 models, it’s the standard version of the car that has been involved in the majority of offences. With a 3.0 litre engine that produces an impressive 349 bhp, and goes from 0 to 62 mph in just 5.4 seconds, it’s not surprising that this vehicle comes near the top of the list.

The Bentley Continental


The Bentley Continental is the car that has racked up more speeding offences than any other, according to admiral. And it’s not hard to work out why. Not only does the Bentley have incredibly high performance, but it also tends to be driven by people who want to go places quickly and have the money to pay off any fines. The Continental will accelerate effortlessly and won’t tell you that you’re driving too fast. 30 feels the same as 130 mph.

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